Do Google’s Algorithmic Updates influence Organic Traffic of your Blog?

Do you observe anything different with your search rankings and visibility when Google comes up with a new algorithmic update? Well, your organic traffic can experience an increase or drop because of the latest updates by Google.

Google search algorithm is made up of several hundred signals that are put together to serve the best results for each user.  Google analyzes each potential change very deeply to improve Google search and even uses artificial intelligence like RankBrain. So you can’t just rely on one single SEO strategy anymore!!

In 2015, Google has come up with an update to its comprehensive guideline, which is Phantom Update III.

Do Google's Algorithmic Updates influence Organic Traffic of your Blog

Do Google’s Algorithmic Updates influence Organic Traffic of your Blog

Does the latest Google Update affect your SEO?

  • The Phantom III update seeks to improve the quality guidelines by focusing on user search intent. If the quality of a page is good enough to satisfy a user’s intent, the better its visibility on result pages.
  • The Phantom update also serves to help pages that were erroneously punished by previous Google updates affecting duplicate text and content. Certain types of websites like online dictionaries, or pages with song lyrics are now exempt from the penalty.
  • Web pages that feature branded keywords for other brands are reeling from this update. This is because Google assumes that a user searching for a brand intends to go to that brand’s site, not an alternate site with similar keywords.

Save your SEO from being hurt by Google’s updates

A decline in organic traffic can be quite challenging so make sure that your rankings and visibility are not affected by Google’s new algorithms.

  • Make your website responsive/mobile friendly if it is not.
  • Make sure the first paragraph of your post directly relates to the title of the article
  •  Focus on creating unique,  useful and informative content rather than just adding content to existing ones.
  • Keep updating your existing blog posts and get rid of the obsolete and actionable information to your users.
  • If the information you’re providing is out of date, write a new post and link the old post to the new one.
  • If the information is current, but you think it could be better, just add to the post.
  • The quality of content will matter more than the length.

If you are not doing something questionable, be it low-quality content or plagiarism then you don’t have to worry about being penalized by Google or expect a decline in traffic. In case you get hit by the latest algorithm, check your keywords, review page content and investigate your site from a technical perspective so that you regain traffic and increase key performance indicators (KPIs) over time. You need to be more careful about  what kind of content to create to capture more leads. Google doesn’t stop evolving and neither you should!!



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