Why to choose WordPress.org over WordPress.com for blogging

If you’re thinking of creating a website with WordPress instead of Blogger, you will find two similar options WordPress.org and WordPress.com. You may not realize the difference but these two things are not the same despite both being called WordPress. Knowing the difference between them will allow you to make the right decision when setting up your new website.
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Why to choose WordPress.org over WordPress.com for blogging

Let’s explore the differences to know why to choose WordPress.org over WordPress.com for blogging.

Where is your WordPress located on the web?

The most often cited difference is where they’re located on the web. A WordPress.com site is located on WordPress.com. It’s on their multiple servers and you’ll be subjected to their rules and restrictions as well as the ads they place on your pages.
A WordPress.org on the other hand is self hosted or hosted on your own server that you’ve paid for through a hosting provider.
A self hosted site has almost no restrictions in comparison to a dot com site and it’s the only way to run a buddy press network or a multi site installation.

What’s the running cost of your WordPress site?

A WordPress.com site is essentially free in the beginning and as long as you don’t need anything out of the default offered it’ll stay that way forever.
For free site you will also have WordPress tag into your domain name. If you want your own domain name you can pay WordPress.com and register for a year and have it on your site.
The cost of operating a website on WordPress.com will begin to add up when you wish to add a certain feature but can’t be availed without a yearly fee.
For WordPress.org you need a hosting account which runs on about 4-10 dollars per month. In other words it’s not free.

How much space does your WordPress offer you?

WordPress.com also limits the amount of space allowed to store your files in.
By default it’s mere 3 gigabytes. Now for a normal blogger that’s probably not a big deal at all, but for somebody who’s planning on having a site for a long time or hosting a lot of high quality images more space would be required.
The next level up is 10 gigabytes of space which will cost another twenty dollars a year. The money and space climb quite quickly from that point on.
WordPress.org sites are self hosted and not found on WordPress.com. Theses sites can be as large as you want. Now most of the hosting companies offer unlimited storage.

How is your WordPress maintained?

WordPress.com takes care of all the performance issues or updating of your software. They have a fantastic hardware and can keep your site always online and super-fast.

WordPress.com takes care for your security such as site hacks or comment spam. It is a multi-connected network so there are chances for other site owners to visit each other and converse.

If you have a site on WordPress.org then you will be responsible for all forms of maintenance and security of your site. As a website administrator you need to keep monitoring the activities of your website.

Is your WordPress flexible?

WordPress.com is very restrictive and not very flexible. You can use any custom theme templates, do any e-commerce business or use any plugins built outside the website. You can never get FTP access to your files.

In case of WordPress.org you control over everything regarding your site. You can upload custom theme templates, third-party plugins, conduct business transactions and more.

There is no limit or rules to follow because you not under the rules and regulations of WordPress.com. You are your own boss.

Which WordPress platform can expand your business?

Affiliate marketing is monitored and strictly forbidden in WordPress.com. If you are looking forward to sell a product with any type of check out system, you can’t use WordPress.com.

WordPress.org is the real choice for serious writers or business. You must use a self hosted WordPress.org website if you want to custom your website or intend to grow your business through it.
If cost is everything to you and just require a simple place managed for you on the web without caring the restrictions and regulations, then WordPress.com is the perfect fit. It is great for hobbies or special interests.
Hope things are cleared up that can help you make the right decision!!



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