Why does Google give Importance to Internal and External Links

The most important aspects of SEO is links and this is traditionally is the backbone of how search engines like Google work. As search engines crawl all the pages in the world, they find links point to other pages. You can think each one of the links as a vote and not every vote is the same. You must remember that some sites are considered more authoritative and trustworthy than others. There are two things that matter, the number of links and quality of links.

Internal and External Links

Internal and External Links

Generally speaking, you improve your visibility by increasing your link popularity. The more quality links you have pointed to your website, the more authoritative your website will be to the search engines. If no other website is linking to your website, it will be very difficult for search engines to trust your website enough to return it in search results. A search engine would rather show results of sites that have earned links and authority. One thing that search engines look for is how relevant is the content to the pages.

Internal links

Earning links back from a website is  necessary but a challenging thing to do. But don’t forget about the links that you have complete control over. Determining how you link your pages to your own site is important for search engines as well. Internal linking helps search engines to understand the structure of your website the topics and themes of your website and even the relative importance each page has on your website. Internal linking can be broken down into two different types:

Navigational Links

Navigational links are found typically on the top side or the bottom of your web pages. You can of think them as the part of the frame of your website. These links are present on every page of the website and they are used to help users find what they are looking for. Search engines analyze navigational links to determine the hierarchy of pages that drill down from your homepage and they will be able to see how your content is organized and how flat or deep your site structure is.

Contextual Links

Outside the navigational framework of your website you will also have contextual links. These are links within the content of a specific page that point to another page on your site and just like external links theses can be very helpful when the content of one page makes reference to the content of another page. Contextual links help users by cross-referencing other relevant information, but they help search engines too. Search engines can look at the anchor text of the internal links to help it understand the content of the page the link points to and internal links help the search engines determine topical  relevance between pages and the importance of a page by the quantity of internal links pointing to it. When you building a website make sure to give some thought to your navigational element you plan to use across all of your pages.

When you are writing content make sure you taking advantage of linking to other pages on your site with contextual links that use appropriate anchor text. Both users and search engines will appreciate it.

External links

Building quality links to your website will improve its popularity in the eyes of the search engines and also improve search engine visibility. How do you get links pointing back to your site when you don’t have control over other websites out there? The good news is that links come in different forms and can be generated from different SEO tactics.

A common way of generating links is to submit your website to different web directories. But keep in mind that you have to be extremely selective about the directories where you submit to. What you don’t want to do is to click on one of those ads that says “ We will submit your website to billion search engines and directories for a dollar“. There are a lot of spammy directories out there and very few are actually trustworthy. A good guideline is to follow  whether or not the directory conducts some form of editorial process that reviews each link and only accepts trustworthy websites themselves. If a directory is willing to publish a link without any review, it’s probably not a reliable directory.

Great content attracts links naturally

Another way of building link is to entice other websites to link to your content and the key factor here is that you need to have quality content, that people are willing to link to. In a search engine’s perfect world someone reads a piece of content, likes it and links to it. And sometimes great content attracts links naturally as a result of people discovering it and sharing it around. But there are other times when you a little outreach to get people to discover you content in the first place. Leveraging your social connections to share the fact that you have posted a new content can get the word out. But don’t stop there, try to find other websites that you feel have the same audience.

Beyond generating links from other websites, it is crucial to get links from social media sharing. People are social beings and are willing to share interesting content they find among friends, family and colleagues. This is a fantastic signal that really tells what people really like. So use sharing buttons on your content pages and use your own social influence on the networks you participate in.

Stay away from bad links

Keep in mind that there some bad ways to get links and you can be penalized to get links the wrong way. So be careful. As a general rule if it feels like you are trying to cheat the system. Don’t do it. Getting caught is something that will inevitably happen. And when it does, there are some very real consequences that are not easy to undo. Imagine trying to run your business where nobody is going to find you!!

Another rule of thumb that if it is too easy, it’s going to get you into trouble. Don’t fall prey to the companies that offer a thousand links or let you post whatever you want them to for few dollars. Common sense is what is going to keep you out of trouble. The web is constantly changing and evolving and search engines are too, but the importance of links remain intact.




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