Why backlinks are important for SEO

If you have read anything about SEO, you must have come across the term backlink at least once. Backlinks have become so important, that they have become one of the main building blocks of a good SEO for getting traffic and first page search results in Google.

Why backlinks are important for SEO

Why backlinks are important for SEO

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Let’s see why backlinks are important for SEO.

In simplistic terms link popularity gives the measure of links that point to your website. It goes beyond the pages however, it includes:

  • Importance and quality of the pages that link to yours.
  • Anchor text which are those words within the clickable part of any link.
  • Age of the link which means older links will have more power than newer ones.
  • How relevant the content on the page is, that links to your page.

Why Link building?

Search engines put weight on what other sites say about your link popularity. The main reason they do is because the webmasters can’t be really trusted. It’s human nature to try gain every possible advantage in search engines and because of that they try to trick them with information they put on their pages in other words they spam the search engines.

With link building as a major component of the search engines ranking formulas, it adds as an extra layer of protection for them.

You need to know why you want links

It was google who first popularized link popularity. Webmasters tried to market their sites by trying to get links, but they did it because of the targeted traffic those links could bring. This is still the reason why you should want to have these backlinks.

Exchanging links is not bad in itself and won’t cause the search engines to penalize your website provided you link with quality sites.

Types of backlinks

Dofollow links

Dofollow links help in indexing your site faster and help increasing your Pagerank. These backlinks are followed by crawlers or we can say when a crawler lands on your page it crawls your whole content including links and images and on seeing a dofollow link, it goes to that page.


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Nofollow link

Search engines disregard paid links and ask you to mark them as sponsored links. They request you to label paid links as sponsored by marking them by what’s called “nofollow’’ attribute. This helps them to filter out from their algorithm.

These links are ignored by the crawler. They will send you traffic, but will not improve your page rank.


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You can certainly buy ads that provide link to your site, just remember that they may or may not count those links towards your popularity score.

In general it’s best to avoid any tricks and schemes, avoid link farms who all agree to link with each other to increase their own link popularity.



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