Why are Contextual Links Important For WordPress SEO

A Contextual link is within your article, a link from one of your posts or pages to another post or page on your site. It usually has anchor text instead of a plain URL. These links can be used to interlink content on your website or link out to other websites.As far as SEO is concerned, Google loves to see you interlinked to related content on your site and even to related authority sites. You can add a no follow tag to these contextual links. For every page that Google encounters, it calculates a Page Rank. The higher the Page Rank the more ranking power that page has. If you can get a ‘follow’ link from a high PR page you can rank high the first page very quickly. However, if that same link is set to ‘nofollow’ then it has very little effect on your rankings. What happens is that using ‘follow’ shares your page’s Page Rank with the page you’re linking to. If you use ‘nofollow’ then no Page Rank is shared.

To create a contextual link for SEO is really easy, you can do it manually or you can highlight the text and click on the link button and paste the URL or type it in or you can search for the content below from the list of your posts and add the link. This is how you have a contextual link to your WordPress post.



Why are contextual links important for SEO?

This is important for a lot of reasons. First of all, when Google comes to crawl your website and finds your website especially when you don’t have XML sitemaps and webmaster tools, it finds your content by following links on your page. So if it comes to a page with no links it will back out but if you have a link on your page there is a chance that it will follow that link and read that page.

How to link your posts?

We know that Google reads from top to bottom so if you have a link as the very first thing then there is a chance that Google will click on that link and go to your next page. So make sure your link is not in the first paragraph but after one or two paragraphs.Because of Google’s sensitivity to keyword spamming you need to make sure when you link to another page or post you do not use your keyword very often but use it once in a while.

When you look at natural linking patterns there is a percentage of links that have nothing like anchor text or have irrelevant anchor text and Google is aware of these numbers because they index the entire internet. Google knows what looks natural and what does not. So make your interlinking look as natural as possible. If you want to link a post a lot try to mix keywords in your anchor text.

If you visit Wikipedia and you go to one of their pages you can see that there are so many links which are mind-boggling. So interlinking is what really ties together the content and Google loves it. So make sure you are interlinking your posts using contextual links.



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