White Hat SEO Tactics Without Breaking the Rules

White Hat SEO is a practice used to improve search performance that comply with the terms and conditions of a search engine. Applying White Hat SEO tactics without breaking the rules is important to get a massive edge on your competition. The perception of SEO is quite misunderstood where people believe that SEO is all about building back links.


White Hat SEO Tactics Without Breaking the Rules

White Hat SEO Tactics Without Breaking the Rules

White HAT SEO is about creating valuable content and being able to promote it. So basically it’s a traffic generation technique where you gain the trust of your audience by getting traffic naturally instead of manually backlinking.

White Hat SEO is a long term thing which doesn’t happen overnight and takes a while to get going which could be 2 months, 6 months or even longer.

1. Build authority of your site domain by adding valuable content which is unique and relevant to the audience.

2.Optimize your site for your target audience NOT the search engines.

3. Choose most relevant keyword phrases that best describes the focus of your page and get actual searches that are not competitive.

4.Use best anchor text and alt attributes and make your site link worthy.

5.Don’t worry about page rankings as they are not the true measure of your success. Rankings may be different at any time.

6.Build and maintain online link partnerships with your customers, partners and various companies.

7.Categorize your site architecture and navigation based on what’s most important. Provide easy navigation.



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