Use WhatsApp to get traffic to your WordPress blog

Do you want more traffic from social media? You need to make social sharing as easy as possible for your visitors, otherwise your blog posts won’t get the grip they deserve! WhatsApp has become a popular instant messaging service for smartphone users. With it’s new features like Quick Reply functionality and Back up option in Google Drive, it becomes inevitable to exploit this plugin for getting traffic to your site.  So why not use WhatsApp to get traffic to your WordPress blog?

WhatsApp Share Button

WhatsApp Share Button

You got to know how to add WhatsApp Share Button in WordPress, so that readers read an article, and if they find it interesting they can quickly forward it to their friends via WhatsApp.

This button will actually bring immense traffic to your site by making sharing easy. WhatsApp share button is the simplest plugin to add Whatsapp button on your blog.

This is a free plugin, and it also supports URL tracking via Google Analytics.

First thing you need to do is install and activate the WhatsApp Share Button plugin. Upon activation, you need to visit Settings » WhatsApp Share Button to configure the plugin.

Settings Whatsapp share button

Whatsapp share button settings


 Add WhatsApp Share Button Using Shortcode


You can insert the button manually in any page or post or template by simply using the shortcodes.

You can also use the options below to override the the settings above.

url – leave blank for current URL

title – leave blank to display current title

Here’s an example of using the shortcode:

You can also insert the shortcode directly into your theme with PHP:

<?php echo do_shortcode(‘

‘); ?>

If you want to add the shortcodes to your widgets area then just add code snippet into your theme’s functions.php file or site specific plugin

add_filter(‘widget_text’, ‘do_shortcode’);


Whatsapp share Button plugin supports both Android and iOS devices. The plugin has been developed to only appear if the screen size is less than 1024 pixels (the width of an iPad in landscape mode). If you can’t see it on the desktop then change the width of your browser or navigate via mobile to see it in action.




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  • حالات واتس اب

    Its areally great way to get traffic, specially for mobile users

  • Thanks, Worked perfect.

  • Bilqees Kenchi

    It’s really good for mobile users. However, wouldn’t it better to add share button specific to mobile OS, so users can share content with any application available. It would be nice to share some easy tips to share posts on WhatsApp like facebook and twitter etc…

  • Chauncey Stallworth

    Whatsapp is a very popular app used by millions of people…It will definitely bring traffic to people.

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