Top Video SEO myths Bloggers must know

There are a lot of conflicting ideas and myths for optimizing your videos to make it rank higher. But getting those high rankings isn’t as easy. Many video marketers like to claim  different strategies that work for different brands and creators, depending on the amount of competition, target audience, etc. Believe it or not, getting your video on the top of the search results is not easy.

Video SEO myths

Video SEO myths

Here are some top video SEO myths that you should be aware of:

You can buy popularity

There are lots of services out there that will let you pay. People come to your video, click play, leave comments, embed your video in different sites or give thumbs up to your videos. You can do that kind of fakery and that might even work for a little while. But Google, Bing, and YouTube have seen this before. It’s not an original tactic, in fact, it’s being going around over a decade. If you get 10,000 views in two days and don’t get views after that they are going to know something is wrong right away. Search engines look for anomalies, so such kind of anomaly could get you penalized and pushed down in rankings.

So don’t do it. The payoff is too small unless you are going to buy video views forever which is not worth doing. It’s impossible to sustain it, you will get caught by the search engines.

Google can hear your voice track

People think that Google can automatically index the voice track of your video. While YouTube has the transcript function which is pretty good, services are not at the point where they can drive rankings. Inaccurate transcription may mean inaccurate classification. And we already know that classification is one of the crucial elements of  video SEO. So make sure you get your own transcript done.

Using Youtube is a must

You have to use Youtube to rank a video on Google. This is not true. Youtube is not the only video hosting website. There are many videos hosted on other sites that rank well. YouTube is the primary search engine for videos, but that does not mean you shouldn’t use other servers. You might think of other hosting sites because you want more customization or avoid Ads. So there are reasons why you would want to make that trade-off.

There is some magic formula for ranking

Many services claim that they can drive thousands of visitors to your site by pushing your video to dozens of video hosting services. This may work some of the time, but more often your video ends up in low-quality services, completely unwatched. You are much better off focussing on your efforts and resources on a single hosting service like Youtube, Vimeo or Vzaar on a real audience building.

Old videos rank better

This is not true. Sometimes, the newer a video the better it will rank. If you are looking for a video about an upcoming event or current news, it is likely that fresher videos will rank better. We know that search engines like fresh content, so your content needs to be updated. If you have a lot of out of date content it’s going to reflect badly on you. If you let your video content stagnate then it won’t perform as well over time.

You can just have a link on your video telling people that there is a more up to date version you’ve made and send users there. Make sure that you are constantly referencing old videos to drive new visitors and keep the activity going.

All these myths boil down to one thing

Shortcuts don’t exist. There are possibilities, but they don’t exist as long term video tactics. So do it right. Make it easy for search engines to classify your videos and work to build a natural audience interest in them. Focus on the best practices and Video SEO can be a great traffic driver.





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