Top Affiliate Friendly Paid Traffic Sources for your Online Business 2017

One of the biggest problems when it comes to paid traffic for affiliates is that most of these big networks like Google, YouTube or Facebook don’t approve affiliate offers. So you have to make a lot of changes on your pages to get them approved. The second problem is these networks don’t explain what is the problem with your pages. They just give you a very vague response and you have to figure out what’s wrong with your page by yourself. 
So let’s explore a couple of other advertising networks for promoting your affiliate links without any hassle:

Bing Ads

Bing Ads is a great place to put your affiliate links. No matter what kind of ad you have they almost approve anything you can imagine. You can make any claims that you want and it’s really affiliated friendly. You can get a lot of cheap ads, cheap clicks, cheap leads and cheap sales actually. So if you know what you’re doing in Bing ads you can get a lot of good stuff from it.

Solo Ads and List Buys

Solo Ads is obviously where you actually go and pay someone to send their list a promotional email. With Solo Ads, you’re guaranteed that you’re going to get a specific amount of clicks but the downside is that you don’t get to keep the list unless you have your own opt-in page and people opt-in to your list.
The second one is Lists Buy where instead of going and paying someone to send an email for you, you can actually buy someone’s list and just send out emails to yourself. An advantage on List Buy is that you actually bought the list and you can play with it as long as you want but the disadvantage is that you don’t know how good that list is going to convert. So you might get one hundred clicks from a thousand email list and you might get ten clicks from a thousand emails. 

Forum Banner Ads and Text Ads

 Banner ads and text ads are not very effective but it’s quite powerful when you use it a forum because forum is a place where conversations are already happening. It’s a great strategy to pop banner ads and text ads in a forum. So whatever product you’re promoting let’s say you’re pulling weight loss product, what you got to do is just go to Google and search for weight loss forums and then see how you can actually place your banner ads in there. So it’s really easy, not that complicated and you can get tons of good traffic.

CPA networks 

What you can do in CPA networks that you can actually become a publisher and can actually pay other people to send you leads. It’s powerful and it can work really well if you know what you’re doing. This one is a bit technical but if you do it right you can get a ton of good leads.

Twitter ads and Twitter

Twitter Ads is pretty much like Bing ads and they‘re not really strict. So you can pretty much place any kind of Ad you want. They’re a little bit restricted than Bing Ads but not super restricted. So put anything you want in there and they’re going to approve it and you’re going to get a ton of fact.  The only disadvantage is when it comes to Twitter Ads is that sometimes the cost-per-click goes up. You need to watch your Ads so that you’re not going to spend $1000 dollars in a single day.  

So that’s it. These are a couple of places you can you put your ads and they’re completely free!



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