Top 5 Things to Consider Before Installing Spy Apps

The name “spy app” alone is enough to make people uneasy. Most of them would rather deny the knowledge of knowing one, let alone owning one. Since, most such circles consisting of staunch believers in right to personal privacy and all that, the spy alone makes them raise their hackles and look the other way.

Little do they know, is “Right to Personal Privacy” is a relative term, especially for children not yet 18 and company employees. Additionally, even with all the skepticism being directed its way, spy app industry is one of the most successful business industries in the recent years.



Now, keeping the shade being thrown at skeptic people aside, to some extent, they are right to doubt spy applications, since there use can be used for some very negative purposes. As we have already mentioned how this business has been growing in recent years, it goes without saying that this business has pumped thousands of spy apps into the world.

Without countless apps to choose from out there, it is hard to fish out a good spy app from the lot. Therefore, here are a few ways for you to figure out the things to consider before installing spy apps on a target device.



Is it safe?

The first question that always accompanies the talk of purchase of a spy app is concerning its safety. Safety is a big deal since spy apps are created to snoop into personal data. This safety issue not only fails the user of the target device, but also the user of the spy app.

Therefore, in order to make sure that the spy app under scrutiny is safe enough, one should consider reading the fine print on the User Agreement. That way, you can not only find out the tiniest features of the spy app but find out all the spy app has to offer in terms of safety of both the target device and the user. Additionally, you can also read the reviews left by the users of the said apps in order to find all that you would like to know.

What Can it Do For You?

It doesn’t matter of you are a simple business owner or a spouse to a partner who is cheating on you or a worried parent – most spy applications come equipped with features that work well for all of the above. However, if your needs are very exclusive, such as you need a spy app that allows you to listen into live calls in real-time instead of receiving a log and the ability to GPS track a device or Bug the target device, you might have to sift through countless apps to get to the one you are looking for. Therefore, before purchasing an app, conduct a detailed research and keep in mind what you want it to do for you and purchase one based on that info.

Is It Compatible With Your Device?

Contrary to what spy app owners might want you to believe, not all spy apps are compatible with every kind of smartphone or computer out there. It is a tad bit easier with computers since they happen to be easier to bug but with smartphones, it is an entirely different thing. Therefore, under no circumstances, buy a spy app before checking its compatibility features. Most spy app are able to work with the most commonly used models like the Samsung Galaxy and Note series, iPhone, Nokia Lumia, etc. but if you are using a not-so-common model, you need to dig a little deeper.

Does it update automatically?

Never, under any circumstances, purchase an app that asks to be updated on a regularly basis and every time it asks for money to do so. A standard a good spy app only needs to be purchased once and unless you are changing the price plan you have been following for quite a while, updating it should be free of cost and not something spy app manufacturers should demand money for.

Can it be detected?

One of the biggest fears associated with the use of spy app is can they be detected by the user of the target device. Since spy apps were created with such fears in mind, it can be easily said that most spy apps will not be detected by the owner of the target device unless they have a brain that works like Mark Zuckerberg’s or Bill Gates’.

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