Quick SEO Tips for Beginners 2018

When we think of search engine optimization (SEO) the first thing is we have to understand our potential customers and the keywords that they will be using when they are searching google for products and services on your website.

It is necessary to look at the contents of website from the search engine point of view because it is primarily from the search results that the visitors will come to your website.

For sites having content below 50 pages or sites which require only a handful of related keywords like a news agency or an e-commerce platform, SEO becomes important. For promoting your blog or website it’s important to do proper keyword research.

You should know the basics to assure that you are not doing something totally wrong related to search and to provide some pointers for more information.

Here are some SEO tips for beginners:

www version

With your new domain decide whether you want the users to see the www. Version or non-www. version at which point your 301 redirect users from your non preferred to your preferred version.

Many large cooperation’s like Google and Facebook actually keep the www. version but you are free to do whatever you want . The reason why we use a 301 and not a 302 is because is because a 301 is a permanent redirect and that way it signals to applications like search engines to actually transfer all those indexing properties from the source to the target.

Image optimization

Use Alt Text to describe the image. For image tag give all your images keyword rich names. You can create a caption or paragraph to describe your image what the image is for.

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Webmaster tool verification

Enable email forwarding to receive critical messages from Google for example malware, hacked and crawling issues.

Webmaster tool verification


Any of the messages can be forwarded to Google webmaster tools and if you have an email forwarding enabled it can be forwarded directly to the inbox that you check everyday.

Website domain check

One more research tip is to perform a background check on your domain. For example, if it was previously owned by spammers then you are not going to rank well. So one good way to check is to look at the keywords listed in webmaster tools for your site and see if you see any unwanted words there.

Also you can see if you are indexed by performing a site colon search with your domain. And if you see any problems the webmaster guidelines can be found at this URL.

URL format

url formatTitle tag

The title tag is one of the most important factors for ranking highly in search engines. It tells google what your page is about.

Focus on your primary and secondary keyword on the page. Put the primary keyword in the beginning and the secondary keyword in the end in different way and appear natural.

Make sure your title tag is compelling enough for the readers so you get a good number of clicks.

Every webpage should have a unique title tag. Your title tag should have around 10 words with 60 to 80 characters.

Heading tag

Use one H1 heading per page and try to use your primary keyword in the H1 heading tag

H1 and H2 are sub-headings and try to them for secondary keywords

heading tag

Relevant content

Google rewards you when you put relevant stuff on your web page. For the above tips to work you need to prioritize good content on your web site. A web site with original and quality content can do better in the long run (with or without SEO) than a web site optimized in SEO with a poor content.

Internal links

Make sure that you have quality content that adds value because it means that there are higher chances that you get decent number of internal links.

Make your site mobile friendly

Eighty percent of the internet users use a smartphone and the number is growing. If you have a look at your analytics data you will see a good percentage of your daily visits coming from mobile. In the example demonstrated below, almost 30% of the traffic is from mobile.

Make your site mobile friendlyNow that Google is to rank Mobile Friendly Sites Higher it becomes essential to make your site mobile friendly





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