How to Resolve Getting Locked Out of WordPress Admin

Being locked out of the WordPress admin or wp-admin screen can be a frustrating for WordPress users. You lose the ability to edit your site, publish new blog posts or manage comments and other administrative tasks.There are few reasons why you could be locked out of WordPress admin, so let’s take a look at each of them.

Incorrect Password Issue

A common error people come across in regards to this issue is being locked out of the WordPress admin after entering an “incorrect password” even though you’ve entered the correct password and attempted to reset your password. When you try to reset your password, you never receive the email. This can happen if you were a victim of a hack. We would recommend that you reset your WordPress password from phpMyAdmin.

White Screen of Death

Are you seeing a white screen on your WordPress admin? This issue is often known to as the WordPress white screen of death. It usually happens because you exhausted the memory limit. It could be caused by a poorly coded plugin or theme. It could also be caused by unreliable web hosting.

PHP Errors

These PHP errors usually happen when you are pasting the code from a website. Often beginners use the built-in WordPress editor from their dashboard. While that feature is pretty handy, but if you don’t know what you are doing, then it can be catastrophic. If you pasted a code from a website which locked you out of your WordPress admin, then the first thing you need to do is take a deep breath. Now the only way to fix this issue is using a FTP program. Once you have installed the FTP program, login to your site. Go to the theme file that you modified. Most likely it was the functions.php file. Now get rid of the code that you added in there. Re-upload the file, and you should be good to go.

Faulty Plugin

A faulty plugin could be the cause of this issue. Log into your host’s file manager or use an FTP client to find your Plugins folder. Once you do, rename it to anything you want to deactivate all of your plugins.

Try navigating to your site now. If you can log in with no issues, your error is being caused by a plugin. Re-activate each plugin one by one, refreshing your site after each activation, to see which one is causing the issue. Once you find it, decide if you can discard it. If you can’t, find a replacement for it or contact its developer.

Faulty Theme

Themes can be coded poorly as well, especially if you don’t update them and WordPress core enough. Make sure you have a default theme installed on your site and rename your individual theme’s folder to deactivate it.

If you no longer see an issue and can log into your site just fine, you need to fix your theme. Contact your theme’s developer if it’s a premium theme.

Lost Admin Privileges

Sometimes, you may be able to login to your WordPress admin, but you don’t see any of the admin functionality. For example, no plugins, no themes etc. This could happen if your user permissions were modified. Often this happens due to a hack. Hackers would infect your site, and then delete your admin privileges. In this case, you should add an admin user to the WordPress database via MySQL (phpMyAdmin).

Error Establishing Database Connection

Are you seeing this error on your entire site? The reason why you get this error is that WordPress is unable to establish a database connection. This could happen for various reasons. It could happen if your database got corrupted for some reason. It could happen if your web hosting server is having some issues.

Prevent Locked Out of WordPress Admin Issue

If you lost access to wp-admin due to issues with your admin account, make sure you create a second backup admin account once you get back in. That way if you have posts to submit and edits to make, you won’t experience any downtime while you sort out the issues you’re experiencing with your main admin account.

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