How Does PHP 7 affect Magento Development?

PHP is the most popular programming language for the modern age websites and web applications. As of now more than 80% of the websites and e-Commerce solutions on internet are based on PHP technology irrespective of the framework used. Over time PHP has emerged as most reliable and secure programming language primarily used for building flawless web applications.

For building Web Applications, everyone is talking about Magento, the most popular framework for developing e-Commerce websites. Magento offers so many advanced features like Inventory management, in-built SEO, Payment Gateway integration, mobile friendly,  Product management, user dashboard, website management etc which makes it most sought after framework. Magento is based on PHP technology. Hence if you are using Magento framework then you have to code in PHP.

Magento CMS and PHP 7

Magento Content Management System(CMS) was launched in 2008 and since then it has really revolutionized the e-Commerce industry. Also Magento CMS has being updated regularly to adapt to the current trends. Recently Magento 2.0 is released and the CMS has come up with lots of improved features which help in increasing the performance of the website and also offer an enhanced checkout process.

Magento was first released when PHP version 5.2 was available. Now as the newer version of PHP i.e PHP 7 was released hence we can focus on how to use it with Magento 2.0.1. The latest version of Magento has many high security features and functionalities and officially support for PHP 7.0.2.

It is believed that latest version of PHP will improve the performance of websites very much. When latest version of Magento 2 will use PHP 7 then the developers will get a really fast Magento Store. Latest Magento will not only increase the speed but also it will bring benefits like drastic performance improvements, reduced memory consumption and various other features.

Why to shift to PHP 7?

After PHP 5.6.x, now it’s PHP 7 as the 6th version was only a test version and was not developed for production purpose. Developers then skipped the 6th version and named it PHP 7. In PHP 7. You will get complete reformation and amazing features to power up the website. From simple websites to cloud application to web applications, PHP 7 has offer for all. Although many popular CMS like Drupal, WordPress and Magento rely on this platform but Magento CMS is getting maximum benefits from the new features of PHP 7.

After analyzing it is recommended that you should shift to PHP 7 because it is pretty fast and improves performance as compared to previous versions of PHP. If you are using Magento 1.x then you can add some patch as Magento 1.x is not compatible with PHP 7. Also there are many tools for optimizing the existing code to work with the new engine and Zend server adds support for PHP 7 which makes it easier to migrate various other application for better performance.

Is Magento 2 ready for PHP 7?

Magento 2 also work with PHP 7 and accelerate the website’s performance. Still you should test PHP 7 on a development website and check the extension’s compatibility before you deploy it live.

Magneto web development is lot easier and faster with PHP 7 and gives 2 times faster performance to the web applications than its previous version. Most of Magento developers are looking to incorporate the PHP 7 in their work so that they can use its best features like accurate type declarations, null coalescing operators and better error handling. Also PHP 7 provides the best platform to remain safe and secure from bugs and hacking attempts.

Magento developers have liked PHP 7 although it is not compatible with earlier version of Magento. The reason is because Magento can be easily patched for compatibility and hence supports advanced web development with Magento. With PHP 7 you can easily make online e-Commerce store built on Magento 2 or Magento 1 and work faster with MySQL, OpCache setup even if hardware remains the same. Whatever is the version of Magento, it is considered the best framework for developing e-Commerce websites. Although using Magento 2 with PHP 7, things will improve pretty well as it will take the performance to the new level allowing developers to build a reliable and faster Magento e-Commerce website.


Technology will continue to evolve and new version of PHP and Magento will be available in the years to come. With Magento 2.0 and PHP 7 we can build e-Commerce websites which will be much faster, reliable and secure. Compatibility issues of PHP 7 with earlier versions of Magneto are sorted out by applying patches. Hence in coming future people will not be surprised if everyone will be using PHP 7 and Magento for most of the e-commerce sites and big web applications due to their positive impacts on their performance.

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