How to Manage Multiple Sites From a Single Dashboard

 WordPress is easy and simple to manage, but when dealing with multiple sites, it can get increasingly difficult and time-consuming to manage multiple admin panels.

Multiple admin panels mean you need to update plugins and themes individually and keep track of everything else from core updates to regular backups. For this, there are many services that make dealing with this particular issue a lot simpler and save you a lot of time while making everything a lot more smooth.

Managing multiple WordPress sites doesn’t have to be difficult. If you find yourself spending most of your valuable time with site management then maybe it’s time to outsource it to a service provider. So let’s walk through a few useful services that can help you with site management.


ManageWP is one of the best services out there for managing multiple websites. It allows webmasters to access all their websites through a single dashboard that has all the information and makes updating, backups, and security scans a breeze.

Features of ManageWP

All the common routine tasks that you might want to perform on any of your websites can be done via ManageWP whether it is updating a plugin, adding content to site A, creating a backup of site B for experimentation or starting a new project based on a local server production.

The service is easy to use and very user-friendly. This is because of the adept core design that the service is built on.

It takes all your data and presents it in an interface that is almost as easy to get around as if you were managing a single website. This makes it very easy for almost anyone to jump in and get started with ManageWP – regardless of their technical expertise.

ManageWP offers premium-quality support for its customers that can be availed 24 hours a day throughout the week and will tackle any problems you might face with their service. The dedicated customer support staff is highly knowledgeable and truly help you solve your problems.


  • Easy to set up and use
  • Ability to create backups and site migration.
  • Monitoring and security scans of websites.
  • Single dashboard for multiple sites.


  • The service is not free and you have to pay a price, is a recurring cost. The developers have opted for a freemium model for ManageWP and to get all the goodies you will need to pay a price every month that scales according to the number of websites you intend to manage and the features that you will be using.


InfiniteWP is a powerful tool that helps busy webmasters with multiple WordPress websites stop wasting time. Once you sign up for this service you’ll never have to log in to you individual WordPress dashboards ever again. In fact, you’ll be able to manage all of your sites from a single intuitive and powerful admin panel. This premium-quality service is optimized for agencies, developers, and freelancers which makes it a one of a kind WordPress multiple site management service.

Features of InfiniteWP

InfiniteWP gives webmasters an eagle’s eye view from a centralized admin panel. Its one-click update feature makes it easy to update the themes and plugins across all your websites with just a click. The tool is based on a self-hosted platform which puts you in full control of its security and guarantees that you won’t have to give anyone else access to your data.

InfiniteWP’s free backup and restore service allow you to save your data on your drive which you can easily restore in case any of your websites get hacked. This tool’s premium add-ons are broadly categorized into six sections – analytics, maintenance, manage, reporting, security, and utilities.

So whether you are a digital marketer, web developer, or a small business, you’ll be able to get all of the features you need and pay only for what you use with InfiniteWP’s flexible pricing plans.


  • A set of the core features free for life with updates.
  • Easy to use and reliable backup solution for free.
  • 23 add-ons to implement advanced functionality to your WordPress site.


  • The bundle of premium add-ons cost you.


With this service, you can essentially free yourself from never-ending WordPress management. This powerful tool packs security, backups, and site management into a single centralized platform which allows you to overlook and control all of your websites. The iControlWP service comes with a free 30-day trail which allows you to manage an unlimited number of websites.

Features of iControlWP

iControlWP enables webmasters to lock down access with multi-factor authentication and IP address restrictions. In addition to this, you can scan your websites and manage all of the security settings from a single platform.

The iControlWP Automagic plugin update feature allows users to program their plugins to be automatically updated whenever a new update is detected. In contrast to this users also have the ability to lock plugin updates – if you like the plugins just the way they are you can make sure they update at all.

Another one of the standout features on offer with iControlWP is that you get integrated first aid support built right into the tool. This way you don’t have to submit a support ticket – support is just a click away. With this service, you can start managing your WordPress security, plugins, themes, backups, and databases better.


  • Get automated daily backups.
  • Test out the restored sites by launching a test site with your backup data.
  • Create unlimited site groups.


  • Premium service which sets you back $15 to $99 every month.
  • No extensions or add-ons so you must pay for all of the features even if you do not use them.


WP Remote is a free tool that allows webmasters to manage multiple websites from a single dashboard. In addition to being free of charge, this web application is also incredibly easy to use. By signing up with their service you can get started with adding your first website and then adding, even more, sites as you go along. WP Remote is a service that is built for everyone, whether you are running multiple personal blogs, operating small businesses or a mix of both.

Features of WP Remote

The WP Remote tool enables webmasters to monitor an unlimited number of websites for free. WordPress users and webmasters can easily update everything from the WordPress core to plugins and themes with a single click. With WP Remote users can also download a snapshot of their website.

While this tool currently does not offer an insane amount of features like the other entries on our list, this can be a turn off for many and makes it a tool that is not for everyone.

It should be kept in mind though that it is completely free to use, while being reasonably reliable and can be a great starting point for managing WordPress websites, it’s not the best out there. Those of you who are not particularly tech-savvy may not find this to be a user-friendly option. Getting used to the process without incurring any costs – time, effort or money – is possible for WordPress webmasters who hold some basic technical knowledge.


  • Use WP Remote completely free of charge.
  • Offers JSON based RESTful API so you can integrate all of the functionality WP Remote has to offer into your existing processes.


  • WP Remote does not have a lot of features to offer.


MainWP is a free, open-source tool for WordPress websites that packs a lot of powerful features. It offers great flexibility in managing multiple websites and keeping them secure. The standout feature on offer here is that the core services are available free of charge for unlimited sites and when you are ready to take things to the next level you can purchase one of the premium extensions. This way you’re essentially only paying for the services that you’ll be using instead of a complete package that you might not even use to its full potential.

Features of MainWP

MainWP’s dashboard features an intuitive interface that saves you from the trouble of managing your plugins and themes. From a central location, users can update their site’s themes and plugins with a single click.trouble

MainWP checks the status of all of your plugins and themes and notifies you if they haven’t been updated for some time. With this feature, users can remove plugins that are no longer receiving regular plugins and search for a more suitable alternative.

This tool’s one click access makes it extremely easy to access child sites’ admin panels. The best part about this is that you don’t have to type in each and every individual URL to access your different websites.

All you have to do is navigate to your website’s sub-menu and click on the admin link to open them. By doing this you’ll instantly be logged in to your child site and be in a position to start managing that from there. Once you’ve configured the login credentials you won’t have to remember them anymore.

MainWP offers a truly customized and premium multiple site management experience for WordPress webmasters. It takes care of everything from updating your site’s plugins and themes to remembering your site’s login credentials to allow you quick access every single time.


  • Available free of charge.
  • Open source which allows users to customize it.
  • Can be used to manage multiple websites.


  • Advanced functionality requires paying a premium for each of the extensions.

Hopefully, you’re in a good position now to identify your specific requirements and then determine which service is right for you. We hope that you’re able to find a service that takes care of your sites while you shift your attention to business growth.

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