Main Reasons Why Buyers Leave Your Online Shopping Mall

There are so many thoughts and desires in our heads, which make us forget about our favorite hobbies, rethink our priorities, work better, fulfill ourselves and even do weird things. We understand that we can’t pander to our wishes, as they will be able to spoil our future and destroy our lives. But, people have to admit that they can’t ignore ideas and dreams, which are connected with their personal preferences and especially shopping procedures. This is rather obvious, as we always require certain products to implement working operations, solve daily problems and ease our living conditions. So, shopping is a perfect tool not only for customers, it is also considered to be a great financial source for different businessmen and vendors. This means that as shoppers constantly spend their money on buying various things, so merchants are able to get high popularity and increase their profits dramatically. Moreover, many entrepreneurs possess influential friends and buy luxury houses and cars. I am sure that analyzing these facts, you also want to become a businessman and establish your own business company. Before you will make fatal mistakes, I want to warn you that it is not so easy to be a businessman. As you probably know, all entrepreneurs have to fulfill their business obligations, solve clients’ complaints, hold negotiations and face with financial risks. In practice, not all potential merchants are able to achieve their business goals and handle with their business duties on their own. Very often, when sellers fail and stop their business activities, they claim that they could succeed in their business fields with the assistance of modern informational and communication technologies. Therefore, they move their ventures and business corporations into Internet. Now answer the question: how many online store owners have created profitable and successful business brands? You see, you can remember only a dozen rich web vendors.



Let’s try to find out why it happens! Plenty of people suppose that the business world is the area of great challenges and business opportunities, where every vendor can get all he wants and strike it rich in short terms. Let’s look deeper into this statement – becoming a businessman, a person should be ready to compete against a large number of business companies. Yes, that is the truth. The business environment is full of competitors, who aspire to get impressive revenues and attract as many customers as possible. To stand out of the crowd of competitors, entrepreneurs have to write advertisements and organize their own promotional campaigns, what will require much money from them. Unfortunately, not all merchants can boast of having large budgets. In this case, aspiring to save their financial resources and avoid unsuccessful business practices, sellers decide to offer their products and services to buyers via their own online shops. But, online store owners also have to spend significant funds on their ecommerce business projects, if they want to continue accomplishing their business operations. Please, don’t think that it’s impossible to do for a living with the help of a business company. Those businessmen, who don’t have enough skills and money to stand in cruel conditions of high competition, mostly combine their efforts and existing financial assets to create joint ventures. The same concerns to web merchants, who launch large ecommerce websites that are called web multiple marketplaces. Frequently, such web business projects are organized by mature and experienced online entrepreneurs, who know how to serve thousands of customers, eliminate serious business obstacles and interact with hundreds of vendors.      All virtual mall owners should remember that their main business engine is independent merchants. In the other words, web marketplace vendors will have to follow marketplace owner’s rules and pay commissions to him for the right to implement their business activities, though independent merchants will not have to develop their web store departments on their own. In all situations, all customization and development procedures are accomplished by an internet shopping mall owner. However, being an online multiple marketplace owner, you will have to do more steps and actions to become an authoritative expert in your business field. So, if you want to make your online shopping mall more attractive for web clients, then I advise you to read my article. 

Poor Ecommerce Software

 All businessmen want to earn much money and get high popularity and online merchants are not an exception. Launching their individual web business projects, online vendors think that they will be able to increase their profits drastically, as web shops are always visited by millions of customers every day, who are ready to spend hundreds of dollars on buying desired things. But, to get stable incomes and create large bases of return shoppers, web sellers must build strong and competitive business brands. In reality, seeing only profits, most online businessmen forget about such moments. As a result, their web stores become abandoned, vanish among other web business companies and disappear from the ecommerce marketplace with time. So, what should online vendors do to improve their business reputations, strengthen their business positions and save their ecommerce websites from collapse?


First of all, when you decide to become an online entrepreneur, you must understand that you will have to pay your attention to your online customers, web deals, business operations and especially your own web business projects. Yes, you will be an owner of a virtual business company, what will require enough experience and high skills in management and marketing fields. Besides of it, you will also have to spend much of your time on searching and choosing ecommerce software for your online store. A web shopping cart is considered to be a heart of an ecommerce website. Thus, before buying an online selling platform, you should carefully analyze features of your online store and define your business aims. Of course, these facts are very important, but you should always remember that your online shop will not be able to occupy leading positions within the ecommerce marketplace without a powerful web shopping platform. As a rule, online store owners don’t want to research features of internet store systems, so they buy first ecommerce solutions they see, what may lead to awful business results. And no doubt, online multiple marketplace owners know it from the first-hand experience much better than anybody else. They simply can’t equip their large ecommerce stores with poor working web sales software, as they will have to serve large flows of customers. Otherwise, virtual mall owners risk to face with serious website errors and long website downtimes.

Unstable Working Customer Services

The business environment possesses very cruel and merciful rules at the same time, as it can provide merchants with impressive revenues or take away all their funds. I also have to mention that the business environment likes those entrepreneurs, who are ready to work hard from early days to late nights to solve various difficult situations and satisfy customers’ needs and preferences. Every businessman shouldn’t forget that they depend on shoppers more than shoppers depend on them. This implies that a buyer can leave a store at any time he wants without making purchases. Merchants understand it and try to do all their best to attract and retain customers. In most cases, trying to project a positive image, business owners decide to hire skilled shop-assistants and provide their clients with top-notch products.


I am sure that you know how brick-and-mortar owners act to find a common language with their shoppers. So, what strategies do online sellers use to gain customers’ loyalty? As ordinary customers, online buyers also consume information via their eyes. Taking these aspects into consideration, some online vendors prefer to change design styles of their websites to impress their clients, while other businessmen aspire to offer as many products as possible to their customers. You must be thinking that such business techniques are very effective and allow web store owners to increase their financial resources and attract many customers. In fact, everything is not as simple, as it may seem. When customers go shopping online they expect not only to find and order required production, but also enjoy fast shopping procedures. Unluckily, visiting web stores, buyers mostly face with obstacles during making their purchases. What do online businessmen do wrong?             Sometimes, accomplishing their business operations, web merchants forget to add useful customer services and applications to their ecommerce websites. In the end, web shoppers don’t get rich customers experience, what makes them leave such unreliable online stores and look for more responsible sellers. If you are web multiple marketplace owner, I urge you to equip your web store with a wide range of useful ecommerce tools, such as specific shipping options, popular online payment gateways, advanced product filters, multiple currency and language services and other related customer programs.

Product Limitations

 It is not a secret that customers try to find and buy only useful high-quality things. Knowing that, merchants aspire to provide their clients with products, which can meet their sophisticated requirements to the fullest. But, plenty of store owners can’t boast of having large bases of shoppers and getting significant profits, as they possess small business ventures and limited quantities of goods. Currently, when people can earn more money than in previous years, they require more products. As small shops can’t provide them with all possible things, so they have to visit different malls. Such shopping centers consist of a large number of separate store departments, where customers can find almost all they want. Moreover, buyers like malls, as they can make their purchases without visiting stores that are scattered around their cities.


Time is considered to be a very valuable resource, which allows us to think about our lives and do important tasks. In most cases, as shopping takes much of our time, we have to resort to various strategies to start and complete our daily operations, as well as satisfy our needs and preferences. Therefore, customers decide to buy required production at online stores. This is rather clear, as going shopping online, consumers get an opportunity to save their precious time and avoid traveling long distances and standing in long turns. As for merchants, moving their ventures into Internet, they are able to reduce their costs, as they will not have to pay salaries to their managers and taxes to governments. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t think that your web store will become a profitable and popular business project in short terms. As ordinary brick-and-mortar owners, online vendors also have to make their clients glad with all possible products. This touches and internet shopping mall owners, who have to possess large product catalogs to make friends with thousands of customers from all over the world. To reach these goals, web multiple marketplace owners should hire many web vendors, who will be selling various products to online shoppers.

Lack of Advertising

 After leaving schools, we usually decide to go to colleges or enter universities to get higher education. Later, with its help, we can get professions and find well-paid jobs. If you want to become a businessman, then you should know that there are no such educational centers, which will be able to help you understand the nature of business relations and explain you how to manage business companies. You will have to do all of it on your own. Furthermore, establishing a business venture, an entrepreneur has to spend much of his time and money on creating well-known business brands. This is a very important aspect, as he will have to compete against plenty of businessmen and merchants. Frequently, entrepreneurs don’t know how to improve their business reputations and stand in cruel conditions of high competition.


When you grow your business project and implement your business operations, you should remember that customers want to know much about you and your business company. This means that you will have to organize advertising campaigns to promote your products and business brand among customer segments. Advertisements and promotional techniques are also necessary for owners of small-sized ecommerce websites, as someday they risk to occupy last positions within the online business environment. You may say that internet shopping mall owners don’t face with such problems, as they possess large web stores, which always attract wide ranges of buyers. It is not the truth. Launching a web multiple marketplace, you will be one of thousands of virtual mall owners, who will be competing against each other and fighting for lucrative customers. To create a noticeable and memorable online shopping mall, you will have to write persuasive advertisements, add text and graphical advertising materials to your ecommerce website and create a truthful business story. Don’t be shy to resort to assistance of professional SEO agencies, as it will help you improve your website search engine rankings.

Absence of Seller-Buyer Interaction

It’s very difficult to find a businessman, who can say that he has perfect relations with their shoppers. Whether you like it or not, but your customers can be dissatisfied and have particular problems, which you will have to solve. You will not be able to avoid such moments, even if you will be an online store owner. However, web merchants possess high chances to help customers eliminate their buying issues, as they can use help desk ticket systems, online chats and simple email forms to accept their clients’ complaints. But, you shouldn’t think that these tools will help you understand customers’ needs and preferences. To provide shoppers’ with rich customer experience, online entrepreneurs must form professional support teams, which will be able to answer clients’ sophisticated questions and grant useful advice to them. Along with that, both small-sized web store owners and owners of internet shopping malls must use social media networks. For example, thanks to Facebook and Twitter accounts, online businessmen will be able not only to handle with customers’ queries, but also find out mistakes in a customer’s service and know strong and weak sides of their products, as well as collect new ideas and suggestions for their ecommerce strategies.


Have you noticed more reasons, which can make web buyers leave an online shopping mall? Then don’t hesitate to share your ideas with me in comments below.

Nicolas Fincher

Nicolas Fincher is a marketing and PR manager working for the CS-Cart ecommerce software company, which offers the comprehensive range of multifunctional shopping cart tools, including CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor software.

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