How to reduce bounce rate on WordPress

Getting people to your blog is not very difficult but to make them stay on your site is challenging. To maintain a good bounce rate is what bloggers struggle with, especially the new ones. So how can you reduce bounce rate on a new website?  Let’s see what a WordPress blogger can do to reduce bounce rate.

What is bounce rate?

Bounce rate is the percentage of people that enter your site/blog and leave immediately or in simple words bounce rate means users come to your site and end up leaving without even going to the second page of you website.

You can think it as one page visits. It’s like a user satisfaction metric and Google doesn’t like it.

A good bounce rate is between 20% to 40% indicating your website is doing very well! If your bounce rate is between 80% to 90% then you need to work on your content. You need to check your SEO and make sure that your pages are well optimized with proper keywords with a good loading speed.

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Let’s take two cases

 Case A

A visitor likes your page and takes 2 minutes to read the article. After this he bookmarks the page and leaves. This visitor stayed 2 minutes on your page, but never interacted with it. To Google that is a bounce! And bounced visits are marked 0:00 time on site giving you 100% bounce rate.

 Case B

A visitor goes to your website and stays 1 minute and 10 seconds on the first page. Then, he goes to a second page where he stays 1 minute and 11 seconds. Without any interaction on this page, he leaves. Since Google doesn’t know how long your visitor stayed on the second page, Google will add only the time the visitor spent on the first page to Analytics.

Reduce Bounce Rate WordPress Plugin

What’s good about this plugin is it will tell Google Analytics every 10 seconds that your visitor is still on the page and that there was some interaction on that particular page. This way your page will be unbounced.

Reduce Bounce Rate-WordPress Plugin

Reduce Bounce Rate-WordPress Plugin

I have been battling to get bounce rate under 40% for a month. Prior to installing this, average time on site was around a minute, which I thought was low.

After installing this, bounce rate went to average 25% to 50% in two days and average time on site to over 3 minutes which is much closer to what I suspected it should be.

I noticed an increase in sessions and a more accurate record of individual visits that I was expecting.

Bounce rate before WordPress plugin

Bounce rate before WordPress plugin


Bounce rate after WordPress plugin

Bounce rate after WordPress plugin



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