How to improve the performance of your WordPress site

How to improve the performance of your WordPress site?  It’s important to ensure that your site loads quickly, works efficiently, remains responsive and user friendly.

How to improve the performance of your WordPress site

How to improve the performance of your WordPress site

WordPress theme

If you build your site from scratch you need to ensure that you don’t have an extraneous JavaScript on the front end. Select your theme carefully to avoid notorious injected CSS codes.

Image optimization

Poorly optimized images can kill the speed of your WordPress site. Ensure that all your images are optimized and possibly served via CDN (content delivery network).

WordPress Plugins

Use proper WordPress plugins. If your plugin has proper inefficient code, that code will effect the performance of your site. To see which plugins are slowing down your site use P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler) WordPress plugin which creates a performance report for your site.

Plugins that run a lot of front end javascript like overdone social sharing plugins will also slow down the load time of your site.

Caching plugins

Once you are sure that your code and the plugins you use are not slowing down your site you can move on to caching. Caching takes dynamic parts from your site, specially the ones that we need to access the database before loading the page and turns them into static content that will load faster.

Consider using W3 Total Cache WordPress plugin to help cache in your site and make it load faster.

Web page compression

You would also want to compress your files at the server level before sending them to the client side. For this purpose you can use mod_deflate on your server. Mod_deflate provides the deflate output filter that allows output from your server to be compressed before being sent to the client over the network.

Database optimization

When you create and delete a lot of posts and plugins, the deleted entries leave overhead on the database that should be routinely cleared out. WP-Optimize plugin allows you to have your WordPress tables to be optimized on a schedule.

It allows for automated scheduled database optimization. The user can specify (in days) how long in between automated optimizations.





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