How to Backup Your WordPress Blogs To Dropbox

If have not made a backup of your WordPress Blogs, today is the day to do that. It’s a great way to give yourself a peace of mind that in case anything happens to your website. This could be a virus or  some website glitch or  your WordPress might crash because of a limited php memory. You’ll be easily able to fix the problem and use your backup to turn back the clock on your website and fix any problem you may have. So it’s really important especially if you’re using your website for your business, to make sure you’re backing up your website on a regular basis.
Backup Your WordPress Blogs To Dropbox

Backup Your WordPress Blogs To Dropbox

Now if you’re not familiar with Dropbox, it’s a great service that allows you save your videos,  documents pretty much anything digital in the cloud and the good thing about that is that if anything happens to your  computer or your hard drive you’ll still have your data protected in the cloud.

WordPress Backup to Dropbox Plugin

 WordPress Backup to Dropbox is a sleek, easy to use plugin which will keep your valuable WordPress website, its media, and database backed up to Dropbox. The best thing about this plugin is you can schedule your backups automatically so that once it’s set up you don’t have to do anything else.You will love this plugin because you can store everything in the cloud on your Dropbox account.

So with that said let’s take a look at how to install and configure this plugin.
  • Go to your dashboard and add the plugin from the WordPress Plugin directory.
  • Activate the plugin and go to the backup settings for authorization.
  • A new window will open and allow Dropbox to connect to your plugin
  • Finally, click on continue to setup your backup.

Schedule your backups

Maintain a backup schedule based on your content update and blogging frequency. You can schedule daily, every four, eight, or twelve weeks. I would recommend schedule it daily. And, there you go!!
Schedule Backups

Schedule Backups

So the next thing you would need to do is to decide whether go ahead and back up everything. If there are only certain files you want to backup then you would go ahead and you would click all of these to exclude them and then uncheck the ones to include.
Exclude Files and Directories

Exclude Files and Directories

It’s a little bit confusing, so you can just go ahead and  backup everything. Basically, here you want to click on the files you want to exclude, the files you do not want to backup.But if you want to backup everything then you can leave it as it is and to click on “Save changes“.

Backup your WordPress Blogs regularly

If you want to keep your website’s files and ensure your site is stable and stays live, your WordPress site must be backed up. That’s for sure. The more a website changes the more often the backup is required. If your are making changes to your WordPress site frequently you can’t afford to ignore making a backup because ignoring a backup is potential data loss.



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  • I use a similar plugin which is called WordPress Backup to Dropbox. As the name says, it actually only offers to backup to Dropbox which is what I am fine with.

    I have set it up to run once a day and besides the database it backs up everything located in the blog’s folder and what I didn’t exclude from backups.

    I think in the end it doesn’t matter what product you use to to backups, as long as they are done and stored at a safe place. Too many people just rely on the backups offered by their hosting service.

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