How is RankBrain going to affect Google Search Queries?

Google is always in a quest to give it’s users the best results. So how is Google dealing with queries that have never been asked before?

Google seeks to embed artificial intelligence in its business and with the result, it has deployed a new system called `RankBrain’ for answering your queries.

RankBrain uses artificial intelligence to embed vast amounts of written language into mathematical entities called vectors that the computer can understand. About 15 percent of queries are being processed by RankBrain per day.

How is RankBrain going to affect Google Search Queries

How is RankBrain going to affect Google Search Queries


 How different is RankBrain from PageRank?

RankBrain is different from PageRank. PageRank is a link analysis algorithm used by Google to rank websites in their search engine results. It is non-keyword specific and indicates the reputation of a webpage.

RankBrain on the other hand is artificial intelligence-powered search technology. If RankBrains sees a word or phrase that it isn’t familiar with, the machine can make a guess as to what words or phrases might have a similar meaning and filter the result accordingly. It has made it more effective at handling search queries.

Using artificial intelligence, Google can not only handle the increasing volume of search traffic that comes as a by product of increasing Internet access, but also offer a more intuitive, responsive experience that allows users to find the information they need faster and in a more fluid way.

Is RankBrain going to be the only ranking factor?


RankBrain is one of the important signals that goes into the Google’s algorithm that determine what results appear on the Google search page and where they are ranked. But it isn’t the only “signal” algorithm responsible for the entries that are indexed on the search result.

This artificial system can process ambiguous queries which computers generally don’t understand. A large fraction of millions of queries that Google deals with are being ranked by this new system which makes it third most important signal for ranking.

We humans can only process what we know and what we recognize. But Google’s RankBrain going to do more that what we can expect.

Can RankBrain interpret meaning like humans?

RankBrain is one of the many, many factors used when determining search results—it by no means replaces Google’s current Hummingbird algorithm which was born out of Google’s efforts to incorporate semantic search into its search engine.

However, even with RankBrain, Google is not able to interpret meaning as a human would, and that is the natural language part of the semantic definition.Google is simply navigational search — and navigational search is not considered by definition to be semantic in nature.






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  • Nice article Christine! I am especially interested in prospect of processing foreign languages. For now, RankBrain is great at understanding meaning behind the content. Do you think that one day, it will be able to provide you most relevant results regardless of the source material’s language?

  • Thanks for letting us know about RankBrain!! I will certainly subscribe and bookmark to your impressive site! Hope you produced a lot more amazing stuff in the near future and also I will come back as well as read it! Keep up the great work!

  • Rankbrain is not an algorithm but artificial intelligence system. Hope it improves Google search queries.

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