How I Fixed Sudden Drop in AdSense Earnings After Going Responsive

In the last blog post, I discussed the sudden drop in AdSense earnings, in this blog post I will discuss how I fixed sudden drop in AdSense earnings after going responsive. Below is the screenshot, showing improvement in my earnings.

Improvement in AdSense Earnings

Improvement in AdSense Earnings

Since my AdSense revenue took a hit due to responsive ad units, I decided to remove the responsive ad units and replace it with the fixed size ad units. But doing so without proper preparation could leave my website non-responsive, since fixed size AdSense ad units (the larger ones) won’t fit the screen and it would make the website look very bad, leaving users unhappy.

To overcome the issue without compromising on users experience, I needed to know BEFOREHAND if the visitor is from the mobile device or from the desktop device and then SERVE DIFFERENT AD UNITS BASED ON THE SCREEN SIZE.

I did some online research and found that it is indeed the good thing to do. Here is Google’s recommendation on why to go for responsive website design. Now, the next logical step I followed was to do some research on optimum ad sizes to maximize the AdSense revenue. This research included best practices for AdSense units on both mobile and desktop screens. I took special care of following points –

  1. High paying optimum ad sizes for mobile and desktop screen
  2. Optimum location for AdSense ad units
  3. Number of optimum AdSense ad units
  4. Make sure not to violate any AdSense policy, leaving website prone to ban from Google.

Once I became sure of the above points I went on to implementing it.

Since my website is developed on PHP, I started looking for a PHP library that suits my need. To my luck, I found this lightweight open source PHP library(Mobile Detect). It offered me the flexibility to detect mobile, tablet and desktop and based on that I could place the desired ad units separately onĀ  mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

To know about how I did it, I will shortly post my PHP implementation of AdSense for responsive websites.

Disclaimer: I run a website and experience shared are from the website only.

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