How can Users Crop Images using ACF Image Crop Add-on WordPress Plugin

ACF image crop is an extended version of the native Image field in ACF. The ACF Image Crop Add On plugin supports the defined image sizes as well as a custom option, enabling the developer to specify the dimensions from within the field edit screen. With this plugin,  the developer or administrator can predefine a size for the image, which the user is prompted to crop on the various edit screens.

This solves the common issue of images being cropped inappropriately by the automated center-crop, that WordPress performs. The field can be configured to enforce a hard crop or a minimal-dimension-based crop. The hard crop will lock the aspect ratio of the crop where as the minimal-dimension-based crop will not allow the user to crop the image below the specified dimensions.

Cropping Images using ACF Image Crop Add-on WordPress Plugin

The ACF Image Crop Add-on plugin can be treated as both a WP plugin and a theme include.


  1. Copy the ‘acf-image_crop’ folder into your plugins folder
  2. Activate the plugin via the Plugins admin page


  1. Copy the ‘acf-image_crop’ folder into your theme folder. You can place the folder anywhere inside the ‘wp-content’ directory
  2. Edit your functions.php file and add the code below (Make sure the path is correct to include the acf-image_crop.php file)
add_action('acf/register_fields', 'my_register_fields');

function my_register_fields()

1. First use a registered image size as the field target size or you can use custom dimensions on the fly.


2.On the edit screen, select/upload an image as usual


3.A crop-button will appear beneath the image (If desired, use the “Force user crop”-option to initialize the crop as soon as the user selects the image)


4.The image is cropped to the desired format, using the restrictions set under field options


5. The new format is shown using the specified preview size. The original image is kept with the field, so the image can be re-cropped at any time.


Does this plugin have limitations?

When you have the photo cropped, it doesn’t cary over any of the alt text (which is much needed for seo, and accessibility reasons). At the very least, a place to enter the alt text before the crop button is pushed.

The only functional option found in this plugin is a square crop. There is an option for a custom crop, where you can specify image dimensions. But when you go into the field to crop the image it gives you a random sizing box that doesn’t tell you what height vs what width. Sure you can crop at some random image size that you have no clue what it is.



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