Google AdSense Best Performing Ad Sizes, How I Doubled My Revenue

Google ASense offers Ad units in different sizes but which one will perform better for your website/blog? Well, there is no reliable method to find this but you may go for SPLIT testing or AB Testing to compare the displayed Ad units. This helps you taking informed decision and increases your chances of AdSense revenue optimization.

I performed the below mentioned simple steps to one of my websites ( and it resulted in 105% increase in my AdSense revenue in a matter of 30 days. Thus, improving AdSense revenue can sometimes be as easy as changing the ad unit’s sizes.

AdSense Revenue Increase Using Optimum Ad Sizes

AdSense Revenue Increase Using Optimum Ad Sizes

Now, before jumping into ad units and going for hit and trial, it is better to know about the AdSense Ad units which Google finds are most successful and perform better. As a general rule of thumb WIDER AdSense ad units perform better since it can accommodate more text and allows bigger images to be included. They also make is possible to show a higher number of ads in a single ad unit.

Best Performing Ad Units

The best performing ad units are 300×600 (half page), 160×600 (wide skyscraper), 728×90 (leaderboard), 336×280 (large rectangle), 300×250 (medium rectangle) and 320×100 (mobile large banner). So if you are currently using something like 468×60 banner you may try replacing it with 728×90 leaderboard. If you don’t have enough space available for this you may go for 300×250 medium rectangle or 336×280 large rectangle.

Similarly instead of using 120×600 skyscraper (mostly used in the sidebars), use 160×600 wide skyscraper for better results. If you are using 250×250 square ad unit, you may want to replace it with 300×250 medium rectangle or, if possible, go for 336×280 large rectangle.

Best Performing Ad Sizes

Best Performing Ad Sizes

These ad units generally perform well because ad designers tend to prefer these ad sizes while designing image or video ads. Also, these ad units are fast becoming the industry standard as websites promoting affiliate programs (such as Amazon etc.) are encouraging these ad units sizes. So using these ad sizes you attract more rich media ad campaigns for premium advertisers. This in turns leads to more competition among advertisers for these sizes which ultimately increases the revenue of your website/blog. In simpler terms, more competition leads to more bidding which generally helps publishers increasing ad revenue.

Final Thoughts

Wider AdSense ad units are preferred since they provide better readability and designer-friendly format. It encourages more bidding among the advertisers that tend to help publishers. Wider formats also tend to attract more clicks due to their natural appeal.

Also, it is worth mentioning that selecting best ad sizes does not complete the job, make sure you place the ads at prominent locations where they are easily visible to users.

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  • Great resourceful piece there. I actually use the 336×280 large rectangle and it converts like crazy. I was considering replacing it on the side bar with a sky scraper. Just testing though.

    Now, I just discovered in-article ads and the conversion rate just went up again – the coolest thing is that they are constructed to flawless blend with content, theme and any kind of device. It’s often too similar and of course related to content that, the clicks keep coming.

    Second thought: Open invitation. I will be glad if you can be a guest blogger on my site. I want just the best for my visitors and I’ll be glad to have you.

    I wish everyone visiting this great site fun on the bloggosphere.

  • Thank you for sharing, i’d like to used it on site, hopefully it will works well for my Adsense revenue.

  • Wow.. Good to know, and thanks so much for sharing. Am currently working on a blog of which i want to make some $$$ and i needed to know a perfect Ads units. Thanks once again.

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