How to Fix the login page refreshing and redirecting issues in WordPress

Login issues can be caused by various different errors such as internal server error, error establishing a database connection or white screen of death. Another type of login error that users come across is when your login page keeps refreshing and redirecting it back to the login screen. So let’s take a look at how to fix the WordPress login page refreshing and redirecting issue.

Fix Your WordPress Login Page Issues by Clearing Cookies

WordPress scripts use cookies from your browser which authenticates your login information, but these cookies can cause a lot of issues at times, including redirecting you back to the login page. Clear the cookies and cache in your preferred browser. Clear everything “from the beginning of time” if you can. Also, make sure that your browser has cookies enabled. After doing that restart your browser and then try to login.

Check whether installed Plugins are Causing WordPress Login Page Issues

Plugins are not perfect. Anyone can create a WordPress plugin, increasing the possibility of you installing a plugin made by an inexperienced developer. Some plugins just may not update properly no matter how well coded they are. Also, issues can rise if there is a conflict between two plugins. You need to deactivate all of your plugins to see if a faulty plugin is causing the error, and you will need to connect to your web hosting using an FTP client. Rename /wp-content/plugins/ directory to plugins_backup. This will deactivate all WordPress plugins installed on your website.  If you succeed, then this means that one of your plugins was causing the issue.

Deactivate Your Current Theme

Things can go wrong when your WordPress site is upgraded to a newer version and that includes your theme’s files. You may be experiencing this login page issue after installing a new theme, updating a current one or updating WordPress in general.

Open your site’s root directory in FileZilla or your preferred FTP client. Open the wp-content folder, and open the Themes folder. See if you have WordPress’ default theme, which is named after the current year. Skip this next section if you do.

Delete .htaccess File

Sometimes the .htaccess file can get corrupted which can result in internal server errors or login page refreshing error. Open your site’s root directory via your preferred FTP client. Backup the .htaccess file on your computer and then delete it from your website’s root directory. You may want to delete the .htaccess file in the wp-admin directory as well if it exists. Try logging in again. If you succeed, then this means that your .htaccess file was stopping you from logging into WordPress. Open your Settings menu in WordPress, and select Permalinks. Scroll down to the bottom of the Permalink settings page, and click Save Changes. This generates a new .htaccess file for your site.

Update Site URL

In some cases defining the site, URL seems to fix the issue. To do this, you need to login to your site using FTP and edit the wp-config.php file. Simply add these two lines of code in your wp-config.php file and don’t forget to replace the with your own URL. Also if your site has www. then make sure you add that.

1 define('WP_HOME','');
2 define('WP_SITEURL','');

Save changes, and hopefully that will fix the login page refreshing issue.

sarah ali

sarah ali

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sarah ali

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