How To Easily Embed YouTube Videos In WordPress

YouTube is a very powerful tool. It can handle storing, encoding, compressing and playing videos hence you don’t have to worry about compatibility across various browsers and devices.

Adding YouTube videos to WordPress is easy because of a number of options.

Basic Ways to add a YouTube video  to WordPress 

  1. By pasting a link to the video page in your Page or Post
  2. By pasting the video’s embed code in your Post or Page
  3. By using various available Plugins

Pasting a Link

This is the easiest way to add a YouTube video to WordPress. For this, you just have to paste the link for the video on its own line in the editor.

Auto-Embed Settings

Before pasting your YouTube link into your site, you have to make sure that you have your media settings properly set up.

To do that just go to Settings > Media > Auto-embeds (checkbox)

Media Settings

Media Settings

Get YouTube Link

After your settings are correct, you can get the link to the YouTube video you would like to embed. The easiest way to do that is to click the “Share” button under the video itself. This will give you a short link to the video.


If you find that the shortened link is not working for you then you can get the long link by clicking on the “Options” link under the shortened link.



Please note that although you can get the link from the address bar of your browser YouTube also adds some extra information to this link which may make it unusable in WordPress.

Paste Link in Editor

After you have your link, you can place it on its own line in your text editor wherever you want the video to appear.

Pasting Embed Code

The other option you have it to use YouTube’s embed code. If somehow the pasting of the link, as shown above, doesn’t work for you then you can try using the embed code. When you choose to use the embed code then you also get some other options which plain link option doesn’t give like changing the size of the video.

Getting the Embed Code

If you want to get the embed code then you have to click the Share button under the video and then click the Embed button. After that, you can configure the video’s size and get the embed code.


Paste Embed Code

After you have copied your embed code, go to the HTML tab in your editor and paste the code wherever you want the video to show up.

By Using Plugins


TubePress is a plugin which was built specially for sorting YouTube contents into galleries. TubePress allows you to set up defaults and pull video content from YouTube into paginated galleries. These videos can include a general search for e.g. “WordPress themes” or a specific channel, a user or a playlist. The gallery is automatically populated with the range of videos you selected. By using the TubePress settings page, you can customize the size of the thumbnails, the information which should be included for each video in your gallery and also how the player should look. To include the default gallery on your site, you just need to include the TubePress shortcode. You can also use shortcode parameters to change your YouTube gallery. This is useful when you have a requirement for multiple galleries on the same site. TubePress has many smart defaults but it allows some control over your video galleries look and feel. It also has a theming system if you need absolute control and lots of customization with its shortcode. This plugin has a free and a paid version also for more control over how your galleries look. For any user who needs to add smart video galleries, this is a great tool.

Lazy Load For Videos

When you add a YouTube embed in your page, it will also load some external files like CSS, JavaScript, and images. This can slow down your page if you have more than one video on each page. Lazy Load Videos is a plugin which overcomes this by loading a static image with a play button first and only loading in the full YouTube embed when a user clicks on it. This will make sure that all of the extra page weight of a YouTube video is loaded conditionally and will speed up initial page load.

This plugin also allows you to customize what image should be used and the style and look of the play button and the look of your YouTube video player. It is simple to use and starts working the instant when you activate it.


YouTube is a universal platform used by millions of people for watching videos. It is a great way to organize, distribute and share your videos anywhere you wish. WordPress has great support for embedded videos. I have discussed some tips for embedding videos into WordPress, I hope it will be useful for you to make most out of YouTube.

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