Domain Name Power – Turning Your Domain Name Into a Brand

When launching a company – or just yourself as an entrepreneur – it is tempting to focus on snatching up a catchy name and worrying about the details later. But when you secure your domain it’s important to consider how its name will impact your brand. Successful entrepreneurs and companies conduct some forward planning so they can turn their domain name into a powerful brand. Whether you have an established domain you want to expand or are just getting things going, there are a few key ideas to think about so that you can make sure your domain works for you.

Get a Domain with Some Meaning

Since your brand is the most useful tool in getting customers, you want to make sure it stands out. That starts with a unique domain that has to mean. Because many domains have already been taken, this may require some extra thought or consulting an expert like BrandBucket to find something creative.


The best chance for success with your domain is to look beyond throwing together catchy keywords. That doesn’t mean you need something elaborate to grab interest. Instead, think about what your company really means and distill it to something short and to the point. Consider how it will look on business cards and advertisements to give it that extra “stickiness” factor that will set it apart. 


Cover All Possible Avenues of Traffic

Modern businesses need more online real estate than a single website. Consumers are going to find your domain through more avenues than just a search engine. To make sure you are available no matter how someone finds you, you need to push out onto the web and set up a presence in as many channels as possible.

Customers like to engage with companies. That means building off your domain with social media accounts for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more depending on your target customers. With the right strategy, you can use these platforms to bolster your brand and create more brand awareness to make it easier for customers to share your products and services with others.

 Create a Sense of Value, Consistency

Your company’s unique message helps you stand out against competitors. If you want your brand to be popular, you need to give it added value. Instead of using your brand to just promote your own services, use it to highlight useful industry information and trends. Blogs about issues that consumers face – that can be overcome with your products – lend a grounded sensibility and emphasize how beneficial your company is. You can also provide insider news about your company or industry that allows consumers to be more invested.

As you create content it’s important to have a consistent voice. You never know how a consumer might first discover your company, so you want to have a clear message reflected across every platform. Avoid tailoring content to specific platforms. This might confuse consumers about your brand or make them feel like you are being deceptive to try and gain sales.

Set Your Brand Up for the Long-haul

You may want to follow the latest trends to create an instantly recognizable brand. Don’t limit your company into what’s hot at the moment. Instead, give it a timeless quality. Industry trends change quickly and you don’t want your company to appear old-fashioned or clichéd down the road.

The best solution is to have something that feels authentic. Give customers a strong sense of what you are about and why you offer the services you do. Give it some thought and create a brand that is relatable. This will allow you to stand apart from the cookie cutter approach used by others and create a truly powerful brand that will stand the test of time.

Carolyn Clarke

Carolyn Clarke

Carolyn Clarke is a freelance writer from Los Angeles, CA. She specializes in best marketing practices. In her spare time, she enjoys painting and making DIY crafts with her two daughters, Emily and Evelyn.
Carolyn Clarke

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