How to Display Stock Information Provided by Google in WordPress

Do you want to display data provided by Google Finance on your WordPress site? Wouldn’t it be cool to add a stock market plugin to your companys news page? Well, this can easily be done by installing plugins by One such plugin is Stock ticker which is simple and easily configurable and allows you to display stock price information.


Stock Ticker can be installed like any other ordinary WordPress plugin.

  1. Go to Plugins -> Add New
  2. Search for Stock Ticker plugin
  3. Install and activate Stock Ticker
  4. Configure default plugin options and insert shortcode [stock_ticker] to page or post, or Stock Ticker Widget to preferred Widget Area


  • Configure default set of stock symbols that will be displayed in ticker
  • Uses native WordPress function to get and cache data from Google Finance for predefined duration of time
  • Disable scrolling ticker and make it static for individual ticker
  • Configure default presence of company as Company Name or as Stock Symbol
  • Configure colors for unchanged quote, negative and positive changes with color picker
  • Tooltip for ticker item display company name, exchange and last trade date/time
  • Define custom names for companies to be used instead symbol
  • Can be translated into languages other than English


1.You don’t need to sign up for the feed
2.It handles stock codes from foreign markets not just the Dow
3.It is simple to implement with a nice clean UI.


First of all, define basic settings for plugin on Settings –> Stock Ticker page. There you can set:

  • Single or list of stock symbols separate by comma (example: GOOG,YHOO,MSFT,AAPL).
  • How company will be presented on ticker (as company name or as stock symbol).
  • Colour for unchanged quote, negative change and positive change.
  • Custom names for symbols that will be used (example: “Cisco Systems Inc.”). Single symbol per line in format SYMBOL;CUSTOM_NAME (symbol and name separated with semicolon).
  • Cache timeout for caching feeds (prevent slow website load when you have huge traffic).
  • Custom error message that will be displayed instead quotes in ticker when app fail to load quotes from Google Finance.
  • Custom CSS style for ticker item (font family, font size, font weight).

Sometimes it can display error <em>Unfortunately, we could not get stock quotes this time</em>?

In that case first, try to access front-end page with appended parameter.?stockticker_purge_cache=1

If that does not help, next try to increase Fetch Timeout option on general plugin settings and then visit frontend page with appended address parameter.?stockticker_purge_cache=1

sarah ali

sarah ali

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sarah ali

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