How to Create Facebook Ads for your Online Business

Facebook is one of the best ways to market online and get leads to your business and grow your business fast. So let’s take a look on how to set up a Facebook Ad because it’s not as intimidating as you would think!

Create Facebook Ads

Click on the button that says Create an Ad, at that point you’re kind of inside Facebook’s back-office and their Ad platform manager and you can do things like advertising for a Facebook post which means you have a Facebook business page, you do a status update and turn that into an Ad that shows up in the newsfeed.

Choosing the objective

When you create an ad, you first choose your objective. The objective you choose aligns with your overall business goals
 For example, if you want to increase the number of visits to your website or get more people to use your app you can select ‘Traffic‘.
You can also split test and try different things where you can make sure that each actual Ad is its own campaign so that you can have a true test in between each.
 Rename your Ad Set Name and choose where you want to drive traffic.

 Define your Audience

Select the location where you want to display your Ads to drive traffic.
Save your Audience. If you are targeting a particular category then you can select from the options given for Detailed Targeting.

 Choose Ad placements


Fix your Budget 



Choose how you’d like your ad to look.

 Upload your Image


 Add your Website

Add your website URL and make sure that your photo on the ad and where they land on the website is congruent because if those two are not congruent it’s going to lead to confusion.

Type in your Headline and Text.

In the Headline field, you want it to be very clear and descriptive of what your business or product is about. In the Text make your message conversational so that it stands out and attracts your audience.

Final Review

After reviewing your settings place your order. And you are done!
Account Review

Account Review

Make your ads friendly and make sure your click-through rate is going to be high and then your ad costs are going to drop down. You can you manually bid for your clicks if you’re not comfortable with the automatic settings.

Final Ad



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