How to optimize images for SEO

Images are a great way to communicate information for relaying your message. To have a successful blog or e-commerce business image optimization is vital and is one of the building blocks of Onpage optimization. So how to optimize images for SEO? Although this being the case, and although most of the information regarding image optimization techniques are plentiful on internet,

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SEO tips for increasing blog traffic

What are your users searching for? You write something great but you don’t know whether your content is being found by them. So the question is how to optimize your blog so that your content is discovered by your potential audience. When your customers are searching online, they type certain keywords important to them. So you really want to focus

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SEO tips for beginners

When we think of search engine optimization (SEO) the first thing is we have to understand our potential customers and the keywords that they will be using when they are searching google for products and services on your website. It is necessary to look at the contents of website from the search engine point of view because it is primarily

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