How to view wifi password on android

Sometimes you go to a coffee shop with your friends who want to share your wifi access. That’s when you wonder how to view wifi password on android!! If you have your laptop with you then it’s not a big deal to make it show the passwords.You can easily view wifi password on windows. But on a phone, it isn’t

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How to view wifi password on Windows 8

Are you locked out of your own network because you forgot the password? Don’t know how to view wifi password on Windows 8 or to view wifi password on your android phone? If you need to retrieve your wireless password on your Windows 8, you can reset your router and start from scratch or else you have a couple of

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How to get traffic from stumbleupon

Targeted traffic makes money. Let’s all face it! To be more precise we need a highly targeted traffic, traffic that has some interest because a targeted traffic is likely to convert and earn. So the question is how can Stumbleupon help us find this targeted traffic? Stumbleupon is one such social media bookmarking site that helps you stumble onto websites and posts

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