Hey Google!, Your new noCAPTCHA, reCAPTCHA doesn’t stop the bots!!

Recently Google has launched new noCAPTCHA, reCAPTCHA, which they claim to be “Tough on bots, Easy on humans” as described by this very convincing Google reCAPTCHA video. First thing first, while implementing reCAPTCHA on any page, Google provides two informations data-sitekey (Which is PUBLIC) Secret Key (As name suggests, it’s PRIVATE) To render into any webpage, “Site-key” is required and

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How I Fixed Sudden Drop in AdSense Earnings After Going Responsive

In the last blog post, I discussed the sudden drop in AdSense earnings, in this blog post I will discuss how I fixed sudden drop in AdSense earnings after going responsive. Below is the screenshot, showing improvement in my earnings. Since my AdSense revenue took a hit due to responsive ad units, I decided to remove the responsive ad units

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AdSense Earnings Drop – Are You Ready Enough for a Responsive Website?

As an AdSense user, you may be seeing the mobile friendliness notification on your AdSense console (starting April 21, 2015) and as a result you might plan to go for a responsive website. Before you go for a complete makeover and convert your desktop website to responsive (mobile friendly) version, you may want to read my personal experience (website: Lofoya.com) first . Related:

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