Boost your App Downloads the Organic Way

Organic food, organic cosmetics, organic beverages – It is truly the era of going natural and well, organic in everything and every way. In fact, the coffee that you are drinking could be decaf substitute but you will always crave for the original coffee taste. So which method would a user adopt according to you to search for an app to perform a particular task? There is certainly no surprise in it now. They will go the organic way! A smart phone user will instinctively visit the app store and search for the app.

Increase Organic App Downloads

Increase Organic App Downloads

So, how will you market your app when your audience is going the natural way? To begin with you should know that app marketing can be performed in two different manners – paid and organic. And while you are enjoying the decaf coffee, let’s know about some of the organic practices that you can adopt to have an easy way to success for your mobile app.

App Ratings and Reviews

Whenever we read an app review on the store there are two things that come to mind – Nobody will review an app if they are happy and thus all the positive reviews mentioned there are fake. Though these two statements partly hold some truth, they have more of a psychological reason than anything else.

People feel happy and satisfied within themselves while they complain loudly. Besides, it is easy for a human brain to believe in something negative being said about a thing than its positives. However, users still choose an app with a a higher rating over others. So, how do you get those genuine ratings for your app?

Make views sharing easier for them by including a ‘rating plug-in’ on your app page so that they can fill in their comments and reviews through just one click. Also, you can provide them incentives in the form of some internet scores and points (in case it is a game) or something else valuable related to the app (in case it is not a game) to lure them in investing their 2-3 minutes for writing the review and providing the ratings.

Personal Onboarding

Think of checking into a hotel in a new city and feeling so special with their hospitality that you recommend it to all your friends while they visit the city. Trust me, word-of-mouth goes a long way and is considered a more reliable source of marketing. Adopt the same analogy for your app!

Give your users such a good experience while they use your app that they can’t help recommending it among their friend circles. Remember! You have to make them feel better than your competitors if you want them to feel so confident about your product that they commend it further.

 App Website and Banner

Do not, and I repeat, never commit the mistake of shutting down your website just because you have introduced an app for your business. It has been surveyed that users still prefer to visit mobile websites first as Google ranks websites according to their mobile friendliness.

Performing SEO on your app websites and maintaining it aptly will not only increase the traffic on your web portal but also to your app to which they will be redirected through the website. Trust me! Having a good website rating is definitely worth to increase your app rating too.

In-app Behavioral Analytical Tools

Ask yourself what is that you want to know about your app’s functioning. Are your users satisfied with it? How many users are getting added to the downloaded list each day? What is that your customers use the app for exactly? Well, all of your questions are completely legit. But before you move to think about getting new customers, focus on retaining the existing ones!

You should know about why and how your audience is using the app and you can do this by integrating in-app behavioral analytical tools as they provide you a detailed report with suggestions to improve the user experience.

Are you done with your coffee? Well, I am also done with the list of few really important techniques that you can adopt to get organic downloads for your app. Do not create an app with the aim to make people just download it, instead build an app which people are forced to download and commend.

ashish sharma

Ashish Sharma is the Chief Marketing Officer at WeDigTech, a hub of App Developers in India .He is responsible for marketing activities that have to do with creating, communicating and delivering offerings that have value for clients or business partners.

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