AdSense Heat Map: Best Practices for Google Ad Placement

Did you know you could increase AdSense revenue three times without even increasing the traffic? Sounds unrealistic? Well its true and let me tell you in this blog post how did I increase the AdSense revenue without increasing web traffic for one of my websites.

AdSense Heat Map

In order to improve AdSense revenue, we need to focus on improving ad CTR (Click Through Rate). When we talk of improving CTR, we definitely want to look at AdSense heat-map.


More the area is red, the better it is for placing an ad on that location. Be warned that these heat maps are for Desktop website. For mobile pages strategy is slightly different since mobile devices are generally on slower network. Also screen size on mobile device is limited.



Google AdSense Heat Map Detailed

Most Viewable Ad Position

In order to give you better idea let’s see this official Google information which talks about ad placement with related to page fold. Above the fold is the visible area of a webpage that can be seen without going to scroll page. Area that lies below the visible area and needs scrolling in order to view the content is called as below the fold.


Most Viewable Google AdSense Position

Most Viewable Google AdSense Position


It is clear from the above picture that different Ad units are to be treated differently. If you are looking to place 300×250 AdSense ad unit you might want to place it little above the fold (also this is one of the ideal locations for ad placements on mobile devices) whereas 728×90 size Ad unit can be placed right above the fold. Again smaller ad units such 320×50 can be place touching the fold and rest in the visible area above the fold.

Good Example vs. Bad Example


Good and Bad Google AdSense Placement Example

Good and Bad Google AdSense Placement Example

Keep in mind that only placement is not everything, you must make sure that your content remains priority for users. You should make effort so that your content remains highlighted part and ads remain only slightly prominent. Pages where ONLY ads are shown above the fold are considered violation of Google Adsense Policy and you risk your account getting blocked.

Final Thoughts


Best way to go forward is keeping high quality content and simultaneously optimizing Ad units for maximum revenue. Remember while using Google’s AdSense, less can be more, i.e. low number of ad units can give you more revenue. It is the quality and quantity that matters more. This achieves both the ends, you receive the deserved money for your hard work and users stay happy. Also happy users are likely to click more on your ad units.

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  • thanks for this article and it’s helpful for beginner bloggers, i found some more interested article on shoutmeloud google adsense heatmap guide

  • I tried various ad integrations and blendings of ads. I tried making the two ads be of different types. I put the page title and introduction in a coloured box with a text ad. The ad had the same background colour as the box. I also tried the popular “wrapping” layout, where the text goes to the right of the ad. These web page layouts all failed.

    In the end, I just put a LR above the title and intro, and another LR below, hoping that two of my trusty LR’s might give me (for example) 70% and 40% of the original CTR, and hence some slight improvement.

  • Thank you this I found very helpful! 🙂

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