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If you have a WordPress blog with rich content then you definitely want rich results. Perhaps this why schema markup is important which is a standard micro data library.  Google uses schema is to create rich snippets which can help your WordPress SEO. Rich Snippets make your WordPress blog post more meaningful and accessible by search engines, which can now index and rank your pages so they are more relevant to search queries.

Micro data falls under the technical side of SEO which is why website owners ignore integrating schema into their content as it looks complicated.

What are rich snippets?

Rich snippets provide webmasters with the ability to add useful information to their web search results snippet. The purpose of rich snippets is to present users with more information about the content that exists on a page so that they can better decide which result is most relevant for their query. And this may result in additional traffic to your site. In order to ensure a good user experience, it’s important that rich snippet marker accurately reflects the primary content of your page.

How to add rich snippets?

To implement rich snippets, you need to add a few simple lines of markup to the existing HTML. This won’t affect the visual appearance of the page at all. Rich snippet types range from recipes, to products, to events. And many can include nested or embedded markups, for things like reviews and ratings.

Do rich snippets help with click through rates?

Rich Snippets can also make your website more attractive to search engine users and increase click through, and possibly, rankings. Right away, this increases search engine traffic.

Types of rich snippets

Google supports a number of markup formats for rich snippets, including microdata and RDFa, but encourages the preferred format, microdata. Microdata is a modern HTML5 format used on and understood by all major search engines. While Google still recognizes older formats, new rich snippet features may only work with and microdata markup.

Product search

Product markup is one of the most common types of rich snippet markup. It allows users to see detailed information about a product right within their search results.

In order for products to properly display as a rich snippet, there are a few properties that you should mark up in your HTML:

Product name





A common type of markup is reviews. For instance, when users search for a product or service, like a book or shop, it’s useful to be able to show them a review directly in the search results snippet. In order for your reviews to properly display as a rich snippet, there are a few properties that you should mark up in your HTML the item being reviewed and the items rating, the reviewer name and when they wrote the review. You can also mark up the body of the review and a review summary.


Users are always searching for events online. Using event-rich snippets can make your events even easier to find in search results. In order for your event to properly display as a Rich Snippet, there are a few properties that you should mark up in your HTML, the event’s title, timing, and location.


Software is one of the most popular things to search for on the web. Using software rich snippets allows your applications to stand out in search results. In order for your apps to properly display as a rich snippet, there are a few properties that you should mark up in your HTML, the name of the app and its icon. Optionally, you can add price and rating information.


Site URLs don’t always provide the most intuitive indication of the site’s structure. Using rich snippet breadcrumbs can help users better understand where your search result will take them. Breadcrumbs only require a few properties to mark up in your HTML.

Breadcrumbs allow users to keep track of their locations within programs, documents or websites.

All In One Rich Snippets WordPress plugin

For WordPress bloggers, it’s relatively easy to implement schema markup with a plugin. All In One Rich Snippets is a premium WordPress plugin that gives search engines only the important and precise information to display in search result snippets.

All In One Rich Snippets

All In One Rich Snippets

Supported Content Types:

This plugin supports the following types of Schemas:











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