5 Ways to Get your Website Rank Higher in Google

When you are focussing on SEO just think about Google. What does Google really want? Google keeps on changing the way it analyzes and ranks websites and individual pages so it’s important that you move with the advancing trends of Google’s search engine. To be honest, Google is the main source of online traffic. And it all comes down to the five most important factors that one should keep in mind before exploring different SEO techniques.

5 Ways to Get your Website Rank Higher in Google


Google wants relevance. If you want to be on the top of the search engine your site has to be relevant to people who are searching. Relevance is determined by what kind of content people are really interested in.

As always, the best way to get traffic, is by consistently providing new, compelling and useful content. Creating compelling, relevant and useful content; such as writing about your products, industry, general current market information with keyword oriented useful content will likely influence your website.


Google loves consistency which contributes to one of the most important factors for high ranking. You can’t expect your website to rank high if you are not updating it at regular intervals. You can build an authority with Google with your consistent actions.  If you blog five times a week for an entire year there is no possible way you would not have leads and sales from your blog.

Quality of Backlinks

Google doesn’t just look at the sheer number of backlinks a site has—it also looks at relevancy and authority.

Many of these non-optimized sites that are ranking well have a few high-quality backlinks pointing to the right internal pages. If you have links from .edu and .gov extensions—your site will rank extremely well.

In addition to having the right backlinks, those sites also have a spot-on anchor text for these links. Most SEOs think you need rich anchor text links to rank well, but the reality is you don’t.

Google is able to look at the web page that is linking to you and analyze the text around the link as well as the text on the page. It helps Google determine if the link is relevant to your site and what you should potentially rank for.

Age of Website

If you take a brand new website, build tons of relevant links, and add high-quality content, you still won’t get as much search traffic as older sites will.

One of the big factors that cause some sites to rank well is their age. Most of the sites that rank high are at least a few years old. Sure, most of these older sites have more backlinks and content as they have been around for longer, but not all of them.

So when it comes to this factor, there is not much you can do here other than just give it time. Be patient. The older your site gets, the more search traffic you will gradually receive, provided you are continually trying to improve upon it.

Social sharing

Sharing content on social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) is big now, and it’s important that your target market would want to share yours. As your content gets more sharing and distribution, you’ll begin to gain more traffic and visibility. In turn, this leads to more natural links from genuine websites and sources. Social signals appear to have an indirect effect on Google search, and specifically when considering engagement, which is increasingly becoming important. Overall, it’s a great strategy to cater to social media users.



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