5 Best Ways to Optimize Images for SEO

Image optimization is often overlooked because it takes some time to go through each individual image and optimizing it. If your website does not use a content management system, it will require the effort to go through each the image in the code itself and optimize different parameters and tags in the HTML Code. It’s much easier using content management systems like WordPress which allows you to quickly write in your ALT tags and descriptions and resize your images very quickly.
5 Best Ways to Optimize Images for SEO

5 Best Ways to Optimize Images for SEO

Descriptive names for Images

First and foremost suggestion is to save the image and change it’s name which is usually a bunch of numbers. So you want to rename it with the product name, something more descriptive. The name should not be too long at the same time separate different words with hyphens.

Reduce Size of Images

Make sure the image is not too large in size simply because you have to keep in mind the loading speed of the page. An image having thousands of pixels will take up some time to load which slows down the loading of your web page and is bad for SEO.

Use Alt Tag attribute

Alt Tag attribute is used to describe what the image is about also called alternative text. So when you hover over the image your description comes up. You want to make sure your descriptions are right and appropriate for each individual image. For SEO it’s very important and Google does look at the Alt tags.

Use Image Sitemaps

If you have a website that’s full of images you can create a separate sitemap for images. It helps Google with indexing all the images on your website. You can use the extension for images on Google Sitemaps to give Google more information about the images on your website, and doing this can help Google find more images than what would be conventionally found through their search engine.

Image Hosting

Image hosting is another important factor especially when it comes to driving traffic from Google Image Search. The factors on which the images for Google Image Search are chosen is kept hidden but some say that image hosting is one of the important factors for the choice. It is said that images hosted on the same domain as the text are given more value than the images hosted at another domain like a free image hosting site. Another important algorithm for Google Image Search is how the images are blended with the text on the page.

Image Optimization for E-Commerce

In general, it is important to optimize your images especially when the website is an e-commerce site or has a product catalog. Each individual item or product that you are displaying is associated with the name of the product. The reason to do so is your clients will search for a particular product or a particular item by its full name. So it’s a good idea that your images are associated with proper names. This will help you come up higher search rankings. So if a user is looking for an item your image will come up and by  clicking on it will eventually end up on your website.



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