Top Affiliate Marketing Tips to Increase your Affiliate Sales 2018

Affiliate marketing is the obvious and most attractive solution for making money online. Getting people to click your affiliate links is not very easy as you think. So you need to know how to make more commissions for maximizing profitability by promoting other people’s products.
Increase your Affiliate Sales

Increase your Affiliate Sales

How to make more affiliate sales?

1. Believe in what you sell

As an affiliate avoid promoting things you don’t own yourself. It’s not a very good idea to sell products you don’t believe in. You are going to be able to sell stuff a whole lot more effectively when you buy the product yourself you believe in and transfer that belief to your customers.

2. Create your own offer

Even as an affiliate marketer you can create your own offer. You should test your offer to know what you’re offering to the audience in exchange for money.For instance, you just don’t have to give the name of your product, you can give a special name with some bonuses. You don’t have to act like the everyday person who sells the same business opportunity or the same affiliate program out there under the sun because that is what everyone else is doing and if you do what everyone else does you won’t get results.

3. Do a product review

Buy the product yourself and do a product review. A review article introduces the product to your blog readers, and at the same time, your opinion guides them to understand why they should buy it. Your reviews should be honest focusing on both the good and bad points about the product. People like honest and personal recommendations in product review articles.

4. Do a comparison between products/programs

Do a comparison video between your product and a similar product. You can make lots of sales by doing a comparison between different programs because people generally want to know the difference between different programs so that they get a clear picture.

5. Use Amazon Associate links to post seasonal content

Obviously, around Christmas period, people tend to buy more, therefore, post recommended products before this period to take advantage of sales that will go on on Amazon affiliate marketing. It is better to start creating a seasonal schedule for your blog posts early enough. There are several holidays, so you can plan ahead of them to make more sales and earn your commission.

6. Have your own Bonuses

You need to give incentive to people so that they want to buy from you over the people out there. Your bonus could be as simple as a fifteen-minute phone call or a valuable pdf or maybe a free webinar.

7. Use Coupons

Whenever a customer is buying a product and he sees a coupon box,  he searches for “Product Name + coupon”, and with the resulting coupon code, you still receive a good commission for the sale. You must keep in mind that your goal as an affiliate marketer is not just to share the coupon, but to make the customer click your affiliate link, else the sale will not count as yours.

8. Optimize your website or blog

Run an SEO analysis on your site to know what adjustments to make in order to improve its coverage.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing is a very good way to make money if you are serious about it. With the necessary knowledge, skills, dedication and right attitude, you are bound to make money in no time!

9. Add widgets to your site

There are widgets and online stores of the Amazon Associates program that can be added to your website templates. Make sure you list various recommended products in your sidebar.

10. Promote products worth $100 and above

Products that are higher in price would give you a higher commission. Therefore make sure you recommend such products.

11. Use lists

Make a recommendation list monthly on a new topic because they are valuable to your readers and potential customers.

Add value to your affiliate links

Remember, you are promoting someone else’s product, so you need to add your own personal twist to make it unique and above everyone else. People don’t like having links showed in front of them without having any reason to actually click on them, and you’ll have to work so they find value in the services you’re selling them.



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