Why to Minify CSS JavaScript Files in your WordPress Site

We all know if your pages take too long to load, it is likely that visitors will move along which is why Google evaluates the page load speed of your site. Minifying your WordPress CSS and Javascript files can make them load faster and speed up your WordPress site. In this guide, we will show you how to minify CSS/Javascript

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Best Budget Laptops under Rs. 30000

Are you ready with a budget of 30000 INR to buy a decent laptop? What if we tell you are not looking at your best options? This is where we can help you. A budget of 3000 Rupees is enough to make the best choice for best device. In this range you can upgrade to i4 but going with the

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How to Remove Render-Blocking JavaScript and CSS in WordPress

Do you want to get rid of render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in WordPress? If you test your website on Google PageSpeed insights, then you will likely see a suggestion to eliminate render-blocking scripts and CSS. Google recommends to remove or defer JavaScripts that interfere with loading the above the fold content of your web pages. What is Render-Blocking JavaScript and CSS?

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