10 steps on your Facebook Mobile App Install Ads

Everyone knows about Facebook even my 3-year little boy.


Come to the point without writing about Facebook because everyone knows about it.

So, you want to generate downloads for your Shopping App.

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Facebook is world’s greatest and number one advertising channel for online retailers. About 1.6 billion users use the Social Network in the world, more than two-thirds of them every day and more than half even exclusively are mobile users. Because of this, Facebook offers advertisers to achieve extensive possibilities, mobile users.

10 steps on your Facebook Mobile App Install Ads

10 steps on your Facebook Mobile App Install Ads

Facebook allows the “Mobile App Install Ads” companies with a few clicks can promote its app on Facebook and Instagram and so for downloads.

“The biggest risk is not taking any risk. In a world that is changing quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.” – Mark Zuckerberg

What are Mobile App Install Ads exactly?

With Facebook, Mobile App Install Ads you can increase and achieve more app downloads and increase the awareness of your app. Mobile App Install ads are launch to drive installs of your mobile app. These ads display in the Mobile News Feed, Instagram Feed and/or Facebook’s Audience Network, and redirect users to the Google Play or Apple App Store. To most effectively generate new app installs, the format was however extended to some specifics.

In addition to a Call To Action, for example, “Install Now”, the App Install Ads also provide a preview of the app-rating. In addition, each ad is delivered with the label “Proposed app”.

An App Install Ad can be applied either with a picture, a video, or as Carousel Ad (adjacent multiple images).

It is also possible to add text to the image of up to 90 characters. Reviews, title and logo are automatically withdrawn from the respective app store.

Once set up, a user can then download the most advertised app with just one click on the Call To Action from the appropriate for him from App Stores.

To Create Your First Ad on Facebook/Instagram


Fulfill these prerequisites:

Mobile Apps: Your app must be live in the Apple App or Google Play store.

Facebook Page: You need a Facebook page, Profile or admin of that page.

Image(s): You must have at least one image / video to create an ad.

Ads Account: If this is your first Ad then you may need to set up a payment source in the Facebook Ads Manager.

Facebook SDK: The aim of the campaign is to get as many downloads each inserted Budget. So, you can see later in reporting which campaign will work best, the Facebook SDK needs to be involved. Even so campaign can be automatically optimized for downloads of Facebook, the SDK is required.

Here’s how: In a few steps to your own App Install Ad


  1. Login to your Facebook Ad Manager and then switch to Power Editor and create a new campaign and choose the item “Get more installations of your app”.
  2. Choose from your app or add the link to the respective app store in the form. Important: If both platforms (iOS / Android) are advertised, a separate ad must be created for each platform.
  3. Select audience. If you already do Facebook advertising and have defined target groups, you can use.
  4. Set platform. Decide whether your ad is appearing on Facebook, Instagram and / or the external network.
  5. Determine to be switched on which terminals and operating system version. Tip: If your app, only from a specific version running, you should indicate this under minimum.
  6. Decide a budget.
  7. Make display: Add an image, multiple images (for Carousel Ads), or a video. Keep it to the design guidelines of Facebook.
  8. Add some text and an optional deeplink added. Select the desired Call To Action and close the ad creation process by connecting the display of your Facebook page from.
  9. Go for it! Give up your ad and make so many new app users.
  10. Test different versions and audiences! Check what best running.


Mobile App Install Ads are a terrific way too many new app – make accessible to users – and especially interesting for you. They also ensure that you can make your desktop Shops attention within the Facebook network to your app visitors and customers and they load them directly onto the smartphone. They provide many times again for attention. Facebook Mobile App Install Ads are therefore far more valuable and rewarding than ordinary display formats.

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