10 Recommended Plugins to Improve WordPress Comments

If you’re looking to build a community for discussion, then having a great commenting system is crucial to your site’s success.The default WordPress comment system is good but it is quite plain and basic. However, WordPress plugins can make a difference and allow you to extend the basic commenting system into a powerful user engagement platform for your website.
Improve your WordPress comments

Improve your WordPress comments

Here are some good plugins to improve WordPress comments and take them to the next level.

Yoast Comment Hacks

Yoast Comment Hacks is a suite of tools to help you manage comments easier. It allows you to email commenters from the WordPress platform. You can also redirect a first time commenter to something like a thank you page.

No Page Comment

By default, WordPress would show a comment box on your pages and even media attachments. You can edit a page and turn off comments. But if you have many pages, then it becomes a chore. No Page Comment plugin allows you to easily switch off comments for your pages and media attachments in WordPress and also removes the commenting from all pages on your site.

Moderator Role

Comment moderation can become very time consuming for large and busy websites.  As your site grows the role of moderator grows, you might need to get help from community members and the moderator roles helps with that. The Moderator Role plugin allows you to give certain people comment moderation abilities on your site.

Feature comments

Not all comments on your website are equal. Some comments add value to the discussion and some derail the conversation. Featured Comments plugin allow you to feature high quality comments and bury irrelevant comments.

WordPress comments fields

This lets you add more fields to your comment form than just the name, email, website address, and comment that you have by default. The WordPress Comment Fields plugin will display the data submitted through custom fields as comment meta.

Comment Approved

Comment moderation is the most reliable way to deal with comment spam. However, when a user leaves a comment, they don’t get notified when their comment is published. Comment Approved plugin sends an email notification when you approve a new comment.

Simple Comment Editing

Sometimes when a user submits a comment, they immediately realize they have made a spelling mistake or some other error. Simple Comment Editing provides a users a flexible time during which they can edit their own comments on your site.


Basic Comments QuickTags

The Basic Comments QuickTags plugin simply adds quicktag buttons in WordPress comment form’s text area. This allows users to quickly add links, make text bold or emphasized, and add block quotes by pressing the buttons.

Subscribe to Comments Reloaded

Comments are a powerful way to build communities. But how would people know if there is a new comment after they read your post? Subscribe to Comments Reloaded allows users to subscribe to comments and receive instant email notifications whenever there is a new comment on the article. Users can unsubscribe at any time and manage their own subscriptions on your site.

Tako Movable Comments

Sometimes you may want to create a new version of an older post on your site. While you can easily copy paste content from old post to new, there is no easier way to move the comments. Tako Movable Comments allows you to move comments from one post to another. This comes in handy if you’ve updated a post and want to keep the comments of the old post on the new one.



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