10 important things to do after installing WordPress

What do you do after successfully installing your WordPress?
 If you’re a beginner you would like to know 10 important things to do after installing WordPress.
10 important things to do after installing WordPress

10 important things to do after WordPress installation

1. Change the title, tagline, time zone and favicon. These are little things that personalize
your site even more and helps schedule posts to publish.
2.  The default WordPress permalink structure is not very SEO friendly. Select Permalink from the menu in the Settings. There you will find a few different choices for setting a new structure. The best ones to choose is Post Name options which is more useful for visitors.
3. Configure your reading settings. Whatever theme you have you can choose to have your latest posts on the front page or have page to show the posts. Then you can decide how many posts to show on the page here.
4. Install an SEO WordPress plugin by Yoast which checks your content’s SEO before updating your website. It’s easy to use and can even generate an XML sitemaps at the click of the mouse.
5. Avoid free themes as they are prone to base64 encoding, which may be used to sneakily insert spam links into your site, or other malicious code that can cause all sorts of errors.
6. Install a cache plugin like W3 total cache or WP super cache.This plugin generates static html files from your dynamic WordPress blog which are served by your webserver instead of processing the heavier WordPress PHP scripts.
7. To keep your WordPress secure use plugins like succuri-scanner, exploit-scanner that scans your site for malware and searches your database for any suspicious code.
8. Avoid spam comments that harm your SEO by installing anti-spam plugin. You can either use Akismet that comes with WordPress or the Antispam Bee.
9. Optimize for social media sharing via the sharing plugin. Having a social sharing plugin helps get your site shared with others and increases traffic and visitors.
10. Schedule regular backups that can save you in catastrophic situations when your site gets hacked or you accidentally lock yourself out.  You can use some backup plugins for WordPress like BackUpBuddy and BackupWordPresss.



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  • Very helpful!! I was actually looking for plugins that I should use after installing WordPress

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